Reviews: MD Geist

Sorely lacking yet enjoyable

So, MD Geist. Watched the first film.

Clearly it is a bunch of cool images put together into an anime. The animation is very strange and lacking, sometimes you feel that the animators didn't want to do that... the plot, well it is basic but sometimes it is hard to follow due to half of the info missing.

Some scenes are just hilarious, such as the guy getting both his arms cut, an absolute torrent of blood coming off and the guy screaming for a few seconds. It was just easily the funniest part of the film. Then Geist allies itself with Colonel Krutz for whatever reason (I don't even see how he managed to say "yes" and "no" a few seconds after), the random three mooks leaving the girl (unimportant characters leaving for no reason), people barely having any personality except maybe for the girl and Krutz, the random skulls and spikes everywhere.

So yes, this anime's storytelling must have been made when drunk. And probably on other drugs as well. There. Don't try and apply Fridge Logic to it. There's none.

But apart from that... The action scenes are pretty good (when the animation isn't Narm incarnate), the music is awesome, the mecha/vehicle designs are both awesome and pretty interesting (the mecha boss's semi-organic second form was odd, but interesting, and reminded me of Evangelion, in a good way), the actual pictures are gorgeous, aaand the whole thing is overflowing with testosterone.

So yes. It was enjoyable to watch, and MANLY. However, the animation and odd models, as well as poor storytelling really harm it. This needs to be fixed, even if clearly this is meant to be just an action flick without much thought beyond it.

Most Dangerous

Okay, first off, this OVA is stupid. It's got about as much plot development as watching a potted plant grow, the characters are barely even one-dimensional (Geist, in particular, is essentially defined by being an asshole) and the voice acting in either version is flat-out bad. (Norio Wakamoto, as usual, is the exception.)

But I still love it. Even though this really shouldn't be an enjoyable OVA, for some reason it is. It has a strange, almost So Bad Its Good charm to it; the music is flat-out awesome (including two tracks with vocals by, of all people, Hironobu Kageyama), the mech designs courtesy of a young, pre-Gunbuster Koichi Ohata (who also directed) are nice to look at, and the action is well-directed. In many ways, it feels like a poor man's Vampire Hunter D WITH GIANT ROBOTS.

Even though this is a bad OVA, I'd still say it's worth checking out; it's the fun kind of bad, the kind of bad where the fact that it's unwatchable helps make it watchable, almost like an animated Plan 9 From Outer Space. Now that ADV (or what's left of them) has picked it up, it's not particularly hard to find, and it's fairly cheap at that: I've seen it go for $15 at some points. Give it a try, you might like it.

M.D. Geist: The blockbuster

After having watched the first and second OVA, after being trolled by 4chan to watch, I think I got opinions. I really enjoyed it. It starts out with a nicely done introduction, before we get our backstory, then we get one of the most awesome character introductions with music that I have ever seen. The setting is in the new era(Space era, anno dominus as ended), on a random planet called Jerra, where civil was has finally engulfed it. The 2 factions fight for dominance. But that is more or less uninteristing. The regular army made a elite troop of genetically engineered super soldiers, who was dubbed "Most Dangerous *codename*". We get a introduction scene with our protagonist killing of a enemy patrol, before being told that he was deemed to "dangerous", so they imprisoned him on a satellite. We then see the satellite falling down the sky, with Machiko Ryu singing on "Merciless Soldier": Geist gets his proper introduction as we see corpses everywhere, a solid wasteland, and a nude Geist with his long hair and beardy face commenting that the war is still raging on. We then get to see our beloved Mad Max/Trigun setting, with a bit higher tech level in the background. The story continues on, and its one of the greatest "block busters"/"action movies" you can get your hands on these days.

There is a follow up, taking a different view, taking the conclusions of the events from the first OVA. It keeps the great characters, the gore, but its less of a pure action movie. But its still quite good. A highly recommended set of OV As to watch!