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Most Dangerous
Okay, first off, this OVA is stupid. It's got about as much plot development as watching a potted plant grow, the characters are barely even one-dimensional (Geist, in particular, is essentially defined by being an asshole) and the voice acting in either version is flat-out bad. (Norio Wakamoto, as usual, is the exception.)

But I still love it. Even though this really shouldn't be an enjoyable OVA, for some reason it is. It has a strange, almost So Bad Its Good charm to it; the music is flat-out awesome (including two tracks with vocals by, of all people, Hironobu Kageyama), the mech designs courtesy of a young, pre-Gunbuster Koichi Ohata (who also directed) are nice to look at, and the action is well-directed. In many ways, it feels like a poor man's Vampire Hunter D WITH GIANT ROBOTS.

Even though this is a bad OVA, I'd still say it's worth checking out; it's the fun kind of bad, the kind of bad where the fact that it's unwatchable helps make it watchable, almost like an animated Plan 9 From Outer Space. Now that ADV (or what's left of them) has picked it up, it's not particularly hard to find, and it's fairly cheap at that: I've seen it go for $15 at some points. Give it a try, you might like it.
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M.D. Geist: The blockbuster
After having watched the first and second OVA, after being trolled by 4chan to watch, I think I got opinions. I really enjoyed it. It starts out with a nicely done introduction, before we get our backstory, then we get one of the most awesome character introductions with music that I have ever seen. The setting is in the new era(Space era, anno dominus as ended), on a random planet called Jerra, where civil was has finally engulfed it. The 2 factions fight for dominance. But that is more or less uninteristing. The regular army made a elite troop of genetically engineered super soldiers, who was dubbed "Most Dangerous *codename*". We get a introduction scene with our protagonist killing of a enemy patrol, before being told that he was deemed to "dangerous", so they imprisoned him on a satellite. We then see the satellite falling down the sky, with Machiko Ryu singing on "Merciless Soldier": Geist gets his proper introduction as we see corpses everywhere, a solid wasteland, and a nude Geist with his long hair and beardy face commenting that the war is still raging on. We then get to see our beloved Mad Max/Trigun setting, with a bit higher tech level in the background. The story continues on, and its one of the greatest "block busters"/"action movies" you can get your hands on these days.

There is a follow up, taking a different view, taking the conclusions of the events from the first OVA. It keeps the great characters, the gore, but its less of a pure action movie. But its still quite good. A highly recommended set of OV As to watch!
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