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Since my previous review was inexplicably removed, I have decided to do it again. Now, before you decide to delete this, take in account opinions. I have sat through the entire first season of the Fi M series. I hate it more than I used to. I hate it so much. I hate the fandom, the commercials, and the merchandise. The fandom is what brought up my hatred in the first place, but this review isn't about that. It's about the pathetic nature of the show. I find that the plot lines go horribly (they make Flapjack look good) and despite the decent artwork (it's the only reason this review is not in all capitals), the character development does not exist. It seriously stands out that this was made for little kids, as the mind of one who is almost completely matured finds all of the bad things and finds all the bad aspects of the bad things. And, please, don't get me started about the fanbase. Very few of the fans are nice, which appears to be counterintuitive towards the show. Please, just stay away from this.


This review is... not good. Simply saying "it's baaaaad" while not explaining how it's bad and not giving examples never made for a good review.
comment #19100 kay4today 23rd Apr 13
And the character development not only does exist,but it's ahead of any show these days that isn't Scooby-Doo or Korra
comment #19101 terlwyth 23rd Apr 13
If your original "review" was anything like this then it's removal was fully justified.
comment #19110 McSomeguy 24th Apr 13
I'm trying to remember which one it was, were you the person who spent a large portion complaining about TV Tropes and how the people sucked or was that someone else?
comment #19111 TomWithNoNumbers 24th Apr 13
comment #19124 HerobrineExodus 24th Apr 13
@Herobrine Exodus Don't let the bronies bother you. They're all a bunch of demented Barney fans that don't add up to anything. You're better than trying to let them argue with you.
comment #19144 x86x2 25th Apr 13
>Barney fans

Thaaaaaat sounds suspiciously familiar. XD
comment #19145 kay4today 25th Apr 13
You know what the problem is? It's pretty obvious that you had already decided to hate the series before watching it. It seems like you only watched it to prove your point to the fans who told you to watch it, therefore preventing you from seeing anything but flaws in it. You didn't watch it with an open mind because you WANTED to hate it. You didn't give the characters a chance (no character development? come on. The show is specifically about character development. The characters actually apply the lessons they learn in later episodes). You can't even justify your complaints, it's just blind hatred (maybe a severe case of hype backlash).
comment #19157 Teraus 26th Apr 13
That can happen though. I do think that he should have listed the flaws, preferably in a non-volatile manner, but I can sort of see why one would come to hate the franchise over time. The occasional crazy obsessive fan, the ads, the hype - it's the same thing that happens when you hear one too many anti-drug PS As: you damn well want to destroy something because it's just rubbing the same message in your face over and over again.

I can sort of understand where this guy's coming from, but he could have put some actual dot points in the review elaborating exactly why he was disappointed in the series. Don't just say "I hate how crazy the Bronies are", write what initially led you you developing the dislike. Met an asshole who insisted FIM was the best thing out of American fiction since Tom Sawyer? Write it down. Sat through a commercial break with 5 ads directly linked to FIM? Write it down. Don't generalize; if you're dis-sarisfied with the show, chronicle and at least attempt to rationalize what led to your introduction and eventual dislike of the show.

And the character development not only does exist, but it's ahead of any show these days that isn't Scooby-Doo or Korra

I resent this remark.
comment #19160 MrMallard 27th Apr 13
Hype backlash is never a rational motive to hate a franchise. The show and the fandom are different things.
comment #19163 Teraus 27th Apr 13
^ Exactly, why is the people who are fanboys of the show so important? isn't it rather unfair to creators in general who put so much work (or lack of) on their shows, books, etc. to be judged by the deeds made by other people instead of the work itself. If so, people should refrain from reviewing Iron Man 3 right now until we saw what kind of fans it developed.
comment #19164 marcellX 27th Apr 13
That's true: it is unfair to judge a show on its fans. However, more often than not, a show's fans will be used as an initial gauge as to a show's quality. It's not something I'm 100% on board with myself, but it happens.
comment #19165 MrMallard 27th Apr 13
>Met an asshole who insisted FIM was the best thing out of American fiction since Tom Sawyer?

I agree, FIM is vastly superior to this awful country boy.
comment #19166 kay4today 27th Apr 13

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