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Reviews Comments: The Odd Life of Timothy Green The Nostalgia Critic episode/issue review by Awesomekid 42

When I heard that the Critic was coming back I was excited. Now I know a lot of people question his return. I even heard from my brother that some TGWTG members themselves are against it though I'm not sure myself. And I admit that it felt unnecesary after to Boldly Flee came out, and he released a commentary, DVD exclusive reviews, and three Doug Walker countdowns to celebrate his retirement, but I didn't mind. I was positive he would still have the same quality. And I was right.

This review was hilarious. From his making fun of how they pretty much grew a child, to him insulting the adults, and the intro where he apparently flew into a blind rage and murdered an innocent cat after watching it, there were nearly no points in the review where I didn't laugh. I also felt as if this review was more elaborative than his other ones, but I could just be so happy that he's back that I amplify and over exaggerate everything he says, I may never know. And this review felt more simple than I would expect, without any crossovers, or a celebration for his revival series. I have a feeling that if he did that, it would probably make the episode a bit less enjoyable for me. But it is still part of some event.

There are some things I don't really like in this episode though. First, he says it's to celebrate something called 'the month of love' when he stated before it would only be one episode every two weeks. That would mean he'd only put one more review after this before the month of love ends. Also to me, while it shows enough reason why the movies bad, he doesn't show enough clips from the move itself to give me a grasp on the plot. Though it might not be a real con and the movie just doesn't show that much stuff. But if those are my biggest complaints, then honestly, it doesn't even matter.

Overall, this review makes me feel satisfied with the Critic's return, while he stil gives off a form of simplicity in the review. Is his return unnecesary? Well, maybe a little bit. Does that make the review bad? An 8.5 out of 10. Welcome back Critic. We welcome your return.


  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 6th Feb 13
Thats probably a good point about the crossovers. I think if he made a big deal out of it being his first episode again it would rub the wrong way, given how the issue has been a bit controversial. By just making a really good review it feels more honest somehow
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 6th Feb 13
I agree about the less episodes not boding well for the Month of Love, theme. Even so, I thought this review was great and hilarious. And he also did a good job of integrating the other actors without having them hijack the episode. Except for perhaps the commercial, which was long but at least it was funny. Glad to have him back!
  • emeriin
  • 6th Feb 13
@Tom With No Numbers Except he (or should I say people surrounding him) did? Rachel in her vlog was all "he got the inspiration by watching it on a plane and realized he could make jokes again", the CA social media was like "this is what you've all been waiting for!", and Doug said in an interview that they would incorporate new ideas for shows into Critic. Plus, after To Boldly Flee's big send-off, people could be forgiven for expecting a little more than a review that could have been done a few years ago.
  • andiemus
  • 9th Feb 13
I didn't care so much about that, I'm just grateful to have ranting Doug back, and this movie NEEDED it. God, why did disney need to do Oscar bait?
  • T448Eight
  • 9th Feb 13
They killed off the little boy character for almost no reason.

Was it for a fucking pencil made of leaves? A living thing (sense he's a plant boy) just died for a one pencil.
  • courierbrill
  • 9th Feb 13
@ Tuckerscreator: If you remember The Review Must Go On, Doug did say that while the actual episodes would be once every two weeks, he WOULD be allowed to do a mini-review or editorial every other week, if he wanted. So there's that.

All in all, this was a very fair review. Very well written. Agreed that was a great way to reintroduce the characters, and I'm excited to see where the Brothers Walker and the cast will take this next.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 9th Feb 13
^^ T 448 Eight, meet But Now I Must Go. Not that I like that trope, anyway.
  • Lonniecontreras
  • 15th Feb 13
This is his funniest review in a long time and no crossovers or forced memes.Malcolm Ray and Rachel Tietz just made the show better and I love his opening theme song.
  • KarmikCykle
  • 18th Feb 13
I'm pretty glad he didn't do any crossover stuff. I never have been a fan of the crossovers.
  • carolshields
  • 18th Feb 13
I personally have always liked them best. They're good chance for character interaction and we all know his hard-on for character.
  • ading
  • 15th Sep 13
^My understanding was that he was the embodiment of what the parents wrote on the letters, and once that had all been fulfilled he ceased to exist.

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