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Comartemis' review
I'm giving this one a negative recommendation. Not only does the author desperately need an ego check (this series is the result of him "proving" that he can do Destiny better), he also seems to think that the way to "fix" Destiny is to turn it into Victory Gundam: The Sequel.


Fenrir: Yes, because every other fanfic author whose done a Fix Fic isn't doing it because they can feel they do better and the series Destiny's a remake of ended with sparkles and sunshine and a happy ending through and through.

comment #17762 RN452 18th Jan 13
Comartemis: Oh bullshit. People say "I think I can do better" or "I'm going to try to do better", not "this entire series sucks balls and I can make it kick ass by killing all the characters and making the setting borderline Grim Dark". The author loses points right from the start for using a Diabolus Ex Machina and an extremely OOC reaction to turn Kira into one of the bad guys and it never gets better after that point. Destiny did not have a perfectly happy ending, else Stellar and Meer would've been alive at the end; the fact that Stellar lives to see the end of the series does not, in any way, make up for such angst-ridden bullshit as Kira murdering Cagalli. Not ever. I'm going to say it again: if you had any fondness for SEED and/or Destiny as they were, avoid this series like the bloody plague. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of Kill Em All Tomino's work, knock yourself out. I'll stick to SolidShark's 'fics, thank you.

comment #17763 RN452 18th Jan 13
SolidShark: Going to have to concur there. Leaving my own works completely out of the discussion, I'll simply say that I think the author is Completely Missing The Point, both of Gundam and the problems with Gundam Seed Destiny. Point one: Gundam never shies from showing the dark side of war, that's true; but there's almost always an underlying theme of the struggle being worth it in the end, of something good coming from the heroes' efforts. Hell, even Victory Gundam gave its protagonist a happy ending, however bittersweet. Point two: it generally seems to be agreed among the parts of the fandom that dislike canon Destiny that one of the big problems was the returning characters being OOC... so ShadowCell's solution is to make at least one of them more out of character? I'm sorry, but that simply does not make sense to me. Negative recommendation here.

comment #17764 RN452 18th Jan 13
Komuro: If it means anything, his sequel story is nowhere near as dark, but is the sequel worth wading through 50 chapters of death, darkness, and destruction? That's the question you have to ask yourself. And I'm not so sure his much-improved sequel is worth struggling through his rewrite of DESTINY.

comment #17765 RN452 18th Jan 13
I actually talked to Shadow Cell via pm. He admitted that in hindsight yeah it was stupid to make Kira evil, and that he did make Kira OOC. At the time he was just still angry about Kira's moral perfection during Destiny so he went the other way. He even stated that if he were to rewrite it he probably wouldn't make Kira evil.
comment #23511 DARTHYAN 19th Mar 14

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