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Reviews Comments: Possibly Tarantino's Best Django Unchained film/book review by Danny V El Acme

For my in-depth review of this film, go to my Tumblr movie review page here, but suffice it to say that this is, IMHO, Tarantino's best film, and one that not only plays to his strengths, but also subverts some of the tropes we associate with his style.

Bottom line, this movie is a MUST SEE for fans of Spaghetti Westerns, Blaxploitation film and the films of Sam Peckinpah. HIGHLY recommended.


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 29th Dec 12
Great review on your Tumblr! It covered a lot of points very well, and I'm glad to hear that Tarantino has mended his films' pacing. That kinda irked me when watching Inglorious.

One note of warning: make sure the link here links directly to the review post, not merely your Tumbr, otherwise in a week or two it will take tons of searching for later readers to find it.
  • DrWillHatch49
  • 13th Jan 13
I almost completely agree with your review(I still like Pulp Fiction best)! Awesome movie. Awesome. Awesome. Quentin has done it again. All the people trying to use this masterpiece for some kind of political brownie points can go blow themselves.

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