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Reviews Comments: Wrecks your heart from the start until the end. Wreck It Ralph film/book review by lilpurplebird

I'm speaking more as a film student than an animation fangirl/gamer. I LOVE animation, I grew up watching Disney, Pixar, and cartoons. I also love games (though I'm not as big about it as other people, but I will play video games), so naturally, I felt this movie would appeal to me.

My brothers and I were excited to see this film when we first read about it on Wikipedia, but I was skeptical due to Disney having issues with its story-telling/choice of medium (3-D animation) at the time. After seeing the official trailer, I tried to stay away from everything else about the movie as much as I could so I could go in with a clean slate. It worked, I enjoyed every little minute of it like I did with Toy Story 3. Like I thought, Wreck-It Ralph appealed to me in a way that touched my heart.

For one thing, I didn't hear any particular actor/actress in this film. I heard characters, and they were really good characters. The story may sound on paper predictable, plain, unoriginal, or whatever you want to call it, but it was handled beautifully alongside character development. I fell in love from the moment the first line of dialogue was spoken. From the get-go, the emotional rollercoaster was set in motion, and already we were in for a wild ride.

Wreck-It Ralph has to be one of the best movies I've seen when it comes to character development, and emotions (which you have to give the animators a round of applause for making sure the emotions from the script popped). You really feel the pain these characters go through. You know what's in their hearts, and when their hearts break, so does yours. You cheer for them, and want them to win no matter what the cost. There is literally a soul to this movie, and it wants to tell us its story.

I laughed. I cried. I was terrified. I was in awe.

And I love it all. It was the best movie experience I've had since Toy Story 3 or How To Train Your Dragon, and I would love to experience again for the nostalgia.

Can't speak for you, the reader, so go take a look, and decide for yourself what Wreck-It Ralph has done for... to you.


  • Spinosegnosaurus77
  • 25th Nov 12
Would you kill me if I said I thought it was actually better than HTTYD?
  • Shota
  • 25th Nov 12
"You're my hero." ;_____________________;
  • lilpurplebird
  • 26th Nov 12
@ Spinosegnosaurus77 - No, I wouldn't. I actually do agree, even though I love both movies.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 26th Nov 12
Character development was beautiful in this movie. They were all complex. Throughout the movie I found myself questioning who was really good and bad, and while the reveal at the end firmly cemented every character into an alignment, everything up to that point explored the merits of everyone's position in their respective game worlds.
  • mrthuvi
  • 6th Jan 13
But when i heard Calhoun spoke, I heard Sue from Glee spoke. :D
  • lilpurplebird
  • 6th Jan 13
@ mrthuvi - I never watched Glee or anything the main characters were in previously, so obviously I never heard a specific person except for King Candy, but then I turned out to be wrong when I later looked up his voice actor. Which I feel was for the best—it was less distracting for me, and the voices felt natural.
  • iliketurtles
  • 25th Sep 13
Very well said :)
  • happyman
  • 26th Sep 13
Speaking of the villain's secret, do you know what was the best part of it? When you see it for the first time, the shock is so big that you're left in a coma. But the second time you watch the movie, you see that there are TONS of hints that foreshadowed this.

I actually think that HTTYD was better, but not by much, although it's easy to see why somebody would think that WIR is better.

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