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Reads Like Bad Fanfiction
I read this book out of morbid curiosity and found it to be atrocious. If you've read Twilight, the characters here are almost exactly the same. It was painfully obvious who everyone was supposed to be. Plot-wise..there is no plot outside of the sex. I have no problem with explicit scenes in books, but the sex in Fifty Shades is excessive if nothing else. Ana and Grey are having sex in every other chapter, and when they're not, she's thinking about it. This is slightly more acceptable if the story is being "published" at the rate of 1 chapter a week, but in one sitting it just seems overdone. Also, the descriptions of all of Christian's "toys" are almost laughably over-the-top. The man is richer than God. He has his own helicopter, he buys Ana's company just so he can watch her at work (figuratively), he goes gliding on a whim..and he's done all of this before his 30th birthday. And don't even get me started on the "stalking=love" angle that's even more obvious here than it was in Twilight. As an Alternate Character Interpretation, it might work in the hands of a competent writer. Here, it comes off as creepy.

Drinking game (will lead to alcohol poisoning): Take a sip every time the phrase "inner goddess" is used. Or when Ana discusses feeling something "down there."


Reads like bad fanfic because it is....
comment #16908 fenrisulfur 19th Nov 12
fenrisulfur: Preach, brother! (or possibly sister.)
comment #17242 MichaelKatsuro 14th Dec 12
Personnally I found it So Bad, It's Good.
comment #21161 Silverblade2 17th Sep 13
"If you've read Twilight, the characters here are almost exactly the same."

50 Shades of Grey actually originated as a piece of Twilight fan fiction.

PS. I have not read this book or Twilight, just to be clear and safe.
comment #24954 Mr.Movie 26th Jun 14

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