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Reviews Comments: G.I Joe, how does it compare to Transformers? GI Joe The Riseof Cobra whole series review by Skritz

Its better!

Im not a Joe fan, not one bit, yet Rise of Cobra is simply better. The plot, while silly, is more coherent. The action is interresting, unlike Transformers, where the robots looked like gray blurrs half the time. Fortunately they corrected that in the sequel.

The main difference between these films is that Rise of Cobra doesnt take itself very seriously. Its cheesy, hammy and its aware of it. Transformers had mood whiplash and could never quite decide if it wanted to be a kick-ass action film or a retarded immature comedy. It was dumb and obnoxious. I mean, seriously...masturbation jokes? Robo-testicles?

Another weak spot of transformers where the characters. Shia sucked, Megan was wooden and the robots barely talked (except Optimus, who was top-notch). I know giant CGI robots aren't exactly actors, but could they atleast have some dialogue. The average Decepticon line was "AAAHHRRRRRRRGGLLLLGGLLL!" Destro, Doctor, Baroness, Storm Shadow, Zartan where much more memorable because they where given some spotlight. Overall, GI Joe used the villains much more effectively.

I can't say for sure if Rise of Cobra is closer to its source material, but im going to take a guess and say it felt like a GI Joe movie. One last thing: Is it me or was this movie LESS patriotic than Transformers? Ironic for a toyline with the "Real American Hero" tagline.

I say watch GI Joe, bring some pop-corn and enjoy the cheese!


  • Zaptech
  • 5th Nov 10
This review would be better if it didn't spend more than half the time bitching about another movie.
  • shinfernape
  • 15th Mar 11
I found the movie to be fun. They didn't shoot the action in the awful manner of the Bay movies or with shaky cam and they filled it with cool and interesting weaponry. I've never liked Joseph Godron-Levitt and in this movie he plays a real ridiculous villain, who didn't deserve to be the mastermind when matched up to the awesome Christopher Eccleston. The actress playing Scarlett was a bit annoying, as was the Wayan brother. Tatum is all muscle and nothing else. The good villain lineup and Snake Eyes make the movie worth a watch though.
  • callsignecho
  • 15th Mar 11
You mean the FANTASTIC Christopher Eccleston.
  • Seanette
  • 24th Jun 11
I'm not familiar with the source material. This type of movie isn't usually my thing, but I found it a reasonably entertaining (if rather light-weight) use of the viewing time.

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