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Reviews Comments: I saw no reason to continue watching Die Buster episode/issue review by RN 452

I enjoyed Gunbuster, a short show, had its flaw but still managed to be a mark in the animé story. So, it was only natural that I watched its sequel Diebuster. However I couldn't pass from the first episode.

The main reason for this was Nono. It starts with the first scene, I start to have problems with her design: why the heck is she wearing a skirt in the middle of the winter?

Episode goes, it shows her working in the restaurant, having Twenty Minutes With Jerks and fangirling over Lal'C, nothing happens until the attack of the Space Monster, military is useless, so it's up to the ace Lal'C to save the world and then she can't do it alone and Nono helps, because she is the protagonist.

During the episode, Nono was portrayed as an immature, brash girl, she has an energetic personality, but it just came out as an annoying girl for me, but the main problem was the "fanservice" (notice the quotation marks). I once wrote that "to deny fanservice in a shonen anime would be an act on par with clubbing baby dolphins to death with carcasses of dead baby seals", so we just have to live with it and enjoy (after all, it's a Guilty Pleasure), after all isn't there an internet rule about it? But that's not the main problem: fanservice can be seen as annoying because a character shouldn't be defined by its looks only (especially in the case of women) and even alienating (during the Brazilian military dictatorship, there was a Culture Police that prohibited anything that could be seen as against the system and the only thing they allowed without restrictions were the 'pornochanchadas', softcore porn that were used as Bread And Circuses).

And it seemed to me like that every fetish of the production team was sewn in one character. The climax was that Nono rips off her clothes only for the sake of a pun. That was too much for me, I decided to abandon Diebuster at that point (compare with Gunbuster, Noriko rips off her clothes in the final battle, but it was a dramatic moment, there was nudity it wasn't fanservice-y).

And then I read the spoilers in the main page, it was even worse, because it showed another facet: Noriko had potential and had to work hard to make it work, while Nono works hard but it seems independent from her power, she was just Born Lucky, and I think it subverts the original intent.


  • NanaBana
  • 28th Jan 13
I disagree. Die Buster is just as good and almost better than Gunbuster. It's telling a different but related message to not be afraid in the face of overwhelming odds. And Nono is in fact one of the more heroic characters, and her fanservice and ditzyness is toned down greatly later on. It's difficult to judge a series from just the first episode. I suggest you give the series another try.
  • slibyak
  • 30th Jan 13
You shouldn't watch Diebuster expecting a sequel to Gunbuster. In many ways, they are completely different.

Think of them as complements. Why you should think so is made obvious by the ending.
  • YasminPerry
  • 7th Mar 16
No offense, but I think you need to greatly improve your English skills. This review was painful to read.

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