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Reviews Comments: Romance, then Action, and a Satisfying Conclusion Harry Potter The Power He Knows Not fanfic review by throwaawy

The Power He Knows Not and The Triumvirate of Resolve were both written before Half-Blood Prince came out, so H/Hr was all the rage back then. While the first story mostly builds up the character development (and completely tossing aside any chance for a Ron The Death Eater moment from either Ron or Dumbledore) it still has its share of action moments that keep it from being a pure WAFFY fic.

TOV, the sequel, takes the characterization from the first fic and jumps right into the action. The story also introduces an OC, but the fic deals with her in a tasteful way and makes sure she doesn't overshadow the Power Trio. Without any horcruxes, the author built up her own solution and creates a compelling conclusion to the problem of the prophecy and Voldemort's defeat. In fact, I really, really liked the author's solution to the portion of the prophecy, "Neither can live while the other survives."
"Voldemort might not survive, even if Tom Riddle does." You'll be amazed at who makes this leap of logic. And the way it's pulled off makes me wish JKR had thought of it this way.

There are some sappy moments, there are some adult situations (although the latter is mostly confined to the sequel). But the action scenes aren't bad at all and make for a satisfying fic. If you're a very ardent anti-H/Hr shipper, this fic may not be you. If you're a bit more lax about it I'd suggest giving it a try.

Warning for Ron/OC and Draco/Ginny pairings in TOV, although both seem to be pulled off believably for this troper, and there's also a nice twist to one of those pairings.


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