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Reviews Comments: Season nine comic - it's JUMPED THE SHAAARRR...oh wait, that's interesting. Buffy The Vampire Slayer season review by tsstevens

The Buffy series, like the character itself, has had it's ups and downs. Using a rocket launcher then killing Angel, introducing Faith then turning her into one of the biggest monsters in the series, five years of kicking ass then her death and resurrection, a brilliant first 3 seasons then mediocre ones after that. The season 8 comics were actually pretty cool, so what has this one given us?


Giles was killed by Angel, Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder to save the world but that has put an end to magic, Slayers and the vampire and demon problem is worse than ever, Vampires are adored and seen as the victims of who fights them. And Buffy is once again trying to fit into life. Meanwhile Faith is looking after Angel and a group of Slayers in England. For his part Angel can't stop feeling guilty for his actions and seeks a way to bring Giles back from the dead.

As far as the story goes it's much the same as the two TV series, with each taking part in their own world and occasionally overlapping. With the Buffy series I found that in the first part of the story I find myself shaking my head at the direction they're going (this has improved by Guarded,) but gets better as I read on. Angel & Faith however does not suffer this problem, and aside from a serious What The Hell Hero moment later comes across as more credible.

Buffy shows us what many of the characters have up to. It's nice to see the likes of Andrew and Wood again, and they have been refined to the point where even Kennedy is likeable now. In contrast for the most part we get mostly new characters in Angel's story, but we do get to see some old faves.

The styles of the two series closely reflect the way they were on TV. Buffy is not as dark as Angel, but the latter gets one shot Lighter And Softer stories after each arc, bringing in Harmony and Giles' aunts. As you may expect we get lots of callbacks through the series, some really unexpected and incredibly funny. How I laughed when Faith was sprung for using stakes as sex toys.

Biggest problem would have to be it can stretch what you can believe. No, actually, that's the second biggest problem. The biggest is like on TV your heart bleeds for the characters, but by the same token it's doing it's job then and that's one of the reasons why it's so great.


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