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Reviews Comments: Comparative Review - NA DVD's and Demo Tape Castle In The Sky film/book review by Enzeru

1998-1999 Disney Demo VHS:

  • Uses the Streamline Pictures dub
  • Widescreen format
  • Unlike The Rescuers demo tape, has previews for Kikis Delivery Service and Spirited Away instead of marketing pitch
  • Voices attempt to match pitch and tone of Japanese voice actors
  • Theme of nature is kept intact in Sheeta's speech to Muska
  • Case: Has Muska art on the right of front cover (omitted from 2003 video covers), back advertises Pazu, Sheeta, and Dola's voices despite none of their audio being used in the film

Opinion: Some lines are delivered better than Disney's re-dub, but it's overall mediocre, and there's some inconsistency in the script.

2003 Disney DVD vs. 2010 Disney DVD:

  • Script borrows some lines from Streamline dub
  • 2010 DVD is clearer on 1080p computers than 2003 DVD
  • A la the Platinum Edition release of The Little Mermaid, 2010 DVD has less image info on top and bottom of screen than 2003 DVD but more on sides
  • Voice credits for Pazu, Sheeta, Dola, Muska and Uncle Pom added to English opening credits of 2010 DVD
  • Some dialogue audio has been repositioned or cut on 2010 DVD
  • At least slightly different audio for 2010's version of Japanese storyboard presentation
  • Hisaishi's re-score (2003) is vastly different at few parts in the film with instances of having of no music where the original does
  • Level of dub dialogue varies in 2010 DVD—sometimes has less audio than original Japanese version (i.e. when Pazu's laughing around the pigeons), sometimes has dialogue level between original Japanese version and 2003 dub (i.e. the fight between Pazu's boss and Dola's son)
  • 2010 DVD counts toward Disney Movie Rewards
  • 2003 DVD dub has quieter sound effects than other dub/sub tracks

Opinion: Both soundtracks are amazing! The dubs are really good, too, and seem on par with the original Japanese audio. Unfortunately, the 2010 DVD doesn't have options to watch the 2003 dub (which means you lose Hisaishi's re-score if you don't have the 2003 DVD) or the Streamline dub (available elsewhere). Overall, either DVD is a good buy.

Opinion on the movie itself: One of my favorites, Ghibli or otherwise.

Streamline's dub's on the demo VHS & as an extra on the JP BD; the 2011 UK Blu-ray uses Disney's 2010 dub w/ the 2003 re-score.


  • JTurner
  • 7th Aug 12
The only thing I found "better" about the older dub was that it doesn't change the last part of Sheeta's speech, but otherwise I thought it was terrible, both in terms of acting and in scripting. Disney's dub is miles better, plus the new score is fantastic and arguably adds to the film. It's too bad they removed it for the 2010 DVD and BD, though.
  • JTurner
  • 9th Apr 13
Enzeru, one little correction: the Japanese BD features the Disney 2010 with the 2003 rescore, not the Streamline dub. Aside from the demo VHS, the Streamline dub was only released on the Japanese DVD.

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