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Reviews Comments: Great Piece of Cinema, But The Dark Knight was the Superior Film The Dark Knight Rises film/book review by Director Cannon

I'll get this out of the way, I loved this movie.

The scale of it all was (though the word has been ruined by overuse) epic, and every actor gave a believable performance, with special recognition given to Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Anne Hathaway.

That being said, there were some definite issues. For the first forty five minutes or so the film progresses at an uncomfortably breakneck speed, not letting character introductions sink in long enough. The pacing stabilized after the first act, however.

As to the question of Bane's voice, it's really only a problem in the very first scene, where it was poorly mixed, and the accent seemed too posh. Again, this issue corrected itself once Bane arrived in Gotham.

However, I believe the good outweighs the bad. Bale gives his best performance of the trilogy, Tom Hardy is suitably menacing and devious as Bane, Michael Caine gives a highly emotional turn as Alfred, and Anne Hathaway absolutely steals the scenes she's in.

Add in various Mythology Gags (including a possible nod to the Martian Manhunter, of all things) and the riveting score by Hans Zimmer, this is a fitting end to the Dark Knight Saga.


  • Darkmane
  • 20th Jul 12
Looks like we posted reviews this at the same time; and have the almost the same opinions :)

I disliked the scale a bit, though. I was hoping for something smaller, more personal. Going bigger only works so far. But hell yeah, Bane was fucking awesome.

I'm also a little afraid that they're running the superhero thing to the ground. Three comic-book blockbusters this year alone, and with Man Of Steel coming up and, what, four (five?) more Marvel movies in the works, the genre is definitely getting pushed to brink. It may prove bad in the long run.

Nothing so far even compares to The Avengers & TDK, though.

P.S: Where was the Manhunter reference? I'm racking my brain and I can't remember one.
  • Velrity
  • 21st Jul 12
Pretty much agree with this review. My only real problems were Bane's voice at first and the pacing near the beginning. Of course, this is Fridge Brilliance; not too much action at first because there is a time of peace in Gotham. I loved Anne Hathaway and how they showed they had actually read the comics, even if they changed a lot of things. All in all, I preferred the second movie like you said, but it was a damn Tough Act To Follow, so I'll forgive that, the margin is very slight.
  • DirectorCannon
  • 21st Jul 12
The (possible) Manhunter reference was the Special Forces captain. His name was Captain Jones.

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