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Reviews Comments: Potentionally Interesting, but Awfullly OOC Abuse Cycle fanfic review by iamthecircle

I get the impression that the author just really wanted to write about abusive relationships, and he/she (I'm assuming she though) even said that they had been in an abusive relationship before but got out before anything too bad happened. It's interesting in some ways and fairly written if you look at as a story of a girl who slowly looses herself, becoming controlled by her douchey boyfriend. It obviously written with a lot of heart, as a warning, a cautious tale if you will, against abusive relationships.

But, this is Lo K. These characters do not fit the shoe horned story, despite the dark canon interpretation the author claims to have. Mako is derailed to major, major Ron The Death Eater levels, to the point of ridiculousness. The fic comes off as character bashing and very arrogant. The author takes herself seriously and as a result the ugly portrayal of Mako comes off easily as offensive, and her claims of it being a canon interpretation comes off as a bitter Mako-hater wanting to show how awful he is.

So maybe if you're just really, really into dark fic and you have a burning hatred for Mako, then the fic is good for you. It's a shame, because writing is not absolutely horrendous like How I Became Yours or other such fanfics. No, it's much more intelligent and capable than that. However the tone and Ron The Death Eater tendencies drag pretty far down.


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