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Reviews Comments: A Nice Return to Form for the Gundam Franchise (1st and 2nd Generation) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE season review by jackedup 85

Contains Unmarked Spoilers

I admit to being hesitant with this series when I saw the initial artwork. However, if you read my posts on the forum or my edits for the page, it's no secret that I'm enjoying Gundam AGE.

AGE, however, is not a flawless installment. For one, I swear that Akhiro Hino is Japan's George Lucas when it comes to dialogue. While the nadirs were undeniably the entire Fardain arc and Asemu's reunion with Zeheart in Episode 24, the overall dialogue is definitely not Shakespeare. Also, the series has issues with its focus. For example, I think they could have skipped the Fardain Arc altogether so they could spend more time focusing on much more potentially intriguing segments of the story, not to mention further develop the characters, such as those within the Diva and Vagan.

That said, let me explain why AGE Needs More Love. The MS designs are not only original, but are also a treat to see in action (Zeydra is my favorite). I also appreciate how AGE takes fresh takes of classic Gundam tropes. Yurin's death scene, for example, showed her reliving her happiest moment with Flit before the environment dies around her. It was refreshing and more emotionally effective than if Yurin's last moment was the usual naked Newtype farewell in space. Moreover, as the antagonist faction Vagan is awesome. Sure, there are rotten apples like Desil, but otherwise Vagan is morally grey like Zeon.

Overall, the first and second generations of AGE are solid, not perfect. The series has issues with its focus and its scripts. Even so, the first two seasons of AGE improved over Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam 00.


  • Kite
  • 26th Jul 12
Wow, your review has brought a tear to my eye. It's just so nice to see someone being positive about AGE, I can understand (and even agree) with some of the complaints that people have, but it feels like it's getting hated on for just far to many dumb reasons. I don't think AGE is in any way perfect, or one of the best Gundams to have been written, but I do feel it's a good one and not nearly on the level as something like SEED Destiny.
  • jackedup85
  • 26th Jul 12
I know, right? I wish I could elaborate on the positives without worrying about TV Tropes' 400 word limit for reviews.

Still, it's disappointing to see so many other Gundam fans harping on the series' differences and flaws. While AGE is not the best Gundam series, I sure hope it gets Vindicated By History so people would give it a fair opinion.
  • MyssaRei
  • 24th Sep 12
I'd really like to hear the reviewer's reaction in the aftermath of episodes 48 and 49. Really.
  • jackedup85
  • 25th Sep 12
Just watched the last two episodes. Yikes. I was expecting the finale to be an understanding ending, but I wasn't expecting it to collapse this badly. Which is a shame, since I genuinely enjoyed the first and second generations. I will update my review in the next few days as I try to gather my thoughts (and figure out how to fit it all in the 400 word limit).
  • LilyNadesico2
  • 25th Sep 12
How was the "Understanding Ending" hypocritical in SEED?

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