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Reviews Comments: IM: Write About Pleasing Audiovisual Series Online Homestuck whole series review by Iku Masamune

What can I say about Homestuck? Is it a webcomic? Is it a beta for a game? Is it a hit?

Homestuck is not just those things - Homestuck is an experience. One webcomic, one part video game, and one part of The Epic, it is a story to remember. To me, Homestuck boils down to Scott Pilgrim meets Baka and Test with a little bit of Pandora Hearts and some elements from Inception to make things interesting. It's basically a Shout Out-filled story that boils down to one thing - Four teenagers and twelve trolls do what millions of us do every day - Play a video game. But, instead, this video game sends the protagonists on an epic quest to save the world.

All in all, There are no five stars needed for Homestuck's Crazy Awesome story. Instead, I give it 4.13, or 413, because this is Homestuck.


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