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Reviews Comments: Episode 8 Got Me In Ultimate Spider-Man episode/issue review by Kereea

I got into this series because I saw episode eight "Back in Black", which I'm going to talk about, so Spoilers!

I turned on the TV and saw the last seven minutes of the episode (I didn't even know the show was airing yet—oops). I proceeded to have much fangirling over the idea that Harry Osborn was Venom. Why?

1—The "Traditional" Venom storyline, with the suit being possessive of Peter like a jealous girlfriend, isn't that old itself—it was in the 90s series (the original comics storyline had Pete as a bit of a jerk to it). Having it want to kill him because it was made to is interesting. Having it made from his DNA? Even more interesting.

2—I LOVE this version of Harry, even more so as I watched more episodes. He reminds me of 90s-show Harry before the Sanity Slippage. He's someone you can genuinely say is Peter's best friend. That's why they made Eddie so close to Peter in The Spectacular Spider Man, so it would hurt more. Guess what? it's likely going to keep hurting here too, since the symbiote survived.

3—Norman and Harry's relationship. I don't mind the abusive Norman from the comics, since it's been built up over the years (though the bike story from Harry's childhood...that's just wow), but it's nice to see one who does care about Harry, though he's still not paying attention to him. It gives us a reason Harry wants to impress his dad. Plus it leaves you wondering when Norman will cross over into Complete Monster territory (as he usually does).

4—It's like the Hobgoblin storyline in the Ultimate comics, which they couldn't do straight up without Norman being the Goblin first, which would take too long. See, IMO, that storyline ended way too soon. Wow, Harry's the Hobgoblin, he fights Peter, ends up in SHIELD's custody, who get him to piss off his dad so they can catch him, Harry dies. He just dies. His story arc ends there.

This new twist gives us a lot of opportunities. For example, Harry's symbiote is the original, so how will it react to Doc Ock's new ones? Can Harry influence the symbiote like his son did in Spider Girl? Will we have a Harry who gets something resembling a happy ending? What will push Norman over the deep end? Will Peter ever have to tell anyone who Venom really is? Let's stay tuned to find out!


  • EricW
  • 24th Jun 12
Ah yes. Funny thing about this episode is that the initial buildup of Harry Venom was that he was masquerading as the black suit spiderman, and told peter about it. It's even from here we get a counter to the classic With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, as Harry mentions how his father says that "With great power comes great reward." That's technically true if you think about it, and it also gives a nice extra push on why harry is doing this. In addition, Harry actually slowly loses control of the symbiote, as it is, "distilled aggression". This twist is different, and it allows for a simplification of characters when this show is built on guest spots, as well as continuing to build up one of the few story arcs for this series.

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