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Reviews Comments: Mechakara Atop The Fourth Wall arc review by Reg Shoe

OK, lets get the ground prepped (I have learnt to my cost that you have to do this with these reviews or your comments fill with flame).

1:I like AT4W, probably more than NC

2:I have little knowledge of the franchises examined in these reviews, but that is irrelevant.

3:I enjoyed the reviews.

This review covers the reveal of Mechacara at the end of Ultimates 3 to the end of the fight.

Ultimates 3 was a good, if slightly inaccessible to outsiders review, however I am uncertain at what point Linkara's review ended and the faux-opinions began, because of this I felt the review suffered. All in all however it was a perfectly normal and perfectly good review, far from his best but far from bad.

The Young Bloods 2 review, weirdly enough considering the lead in, was also a fairly boilerplate review, funnier sure, but the "lets ignore the robot" line the review took for the built of it was unsettling, despite how hard I laughed when Linkara more or less ignored the lead in. I realise why, the combination of wanting to do Young Bloods as an anniversary thing, wanting to do the big fight with Power Rangers lead in, but it felt off. Actually a very good review, but prodding my suspension of disbelief rather hard in its ribs.

As for the Power Rangers review, I am still undecided if the potted review thing was a better format, I certainly think that putting YB2 after this (perhaps as a final revenge thing) so as to avoid the robot ignorance would be a better line to take. That said the fight was amusing, if a bit cameo happy, I was half expecting Lester B Bum. I find it funny that Linkara, a man who despises random elements being introduced and then dropped in comics, did so here in abundance. Nevertheless it was funny with a real zinger of an ending and I have certainly seen many people do much worse.

All in all, while I appreciate the time and effort, and was entertained by it, I can't help but feel that Linkara is funniest when not dealing with arcs, his humour stems from the comics and as such they have to take the lead. If you can build recurring opponents or nemesis into that then great, but don't ignore what makes you funny to chase physical humour. Well worth watching if you like Linkara, but others do this style of physical comedy better.

Funny, not hilarious: ****


  • Sweet Madness
  • 23rd Feb 10
I actually agree for the most part with this review. The final battle did seem to rely heavily on random cameos and Call Backs, but by the time Linkara goes into the morphing sequence at the end, I was having way too much fun to really care.

I was also pretty surprised that he can pull off "evil" very convincingly. Seriously, Mechakara's Motive Rant was pretty damn creepy.
  • Shrikesnest
  • 25th Feb 10
My girlfriend and I play a light drinking game while watching AT 4 W in marathon fashion: we drink every time a running gag or call back comes up. It's usually three or four drinks a video, sometimes more. Let me tell ya, the battle against Mechakara was harrowing.
  • random_fan
  • 20th Mar 10
I get what your saying about it not being funny but the end of the power rangers review wasn't supposed to be funny, it was supposed to be epic, and in my opinion it was. As for the 'random elements' they didn't come out of nowhere, they were set up in previous reviews.

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