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Reviews Comments: As If The Vampire/Werewolf Genre Needed To Be Trashier Underworld whole series review by Comrade Richard

You know I came into this movie expecting it to be really stupid, fanservice centric, with a predictable plot and storyline. I fear I may have overestimated the film. Like the Resident Evil films its protagonist is primarily eye candy with various overpowered abilities that get at best get handwaved, who gains and loses powers as the plot demands, and never seriously gets set back. Having just seen the final film I don't even tolerate her character anymore - or the direction the people who are making this tripe are taking it. In the first one, the story was first revealed, Selene is a standard heroine with a dark and troubled past, and she never really develops from there - oh but she gets into a relationship with Michael...who is kind of just...there for most of the movies. By far, Awakening was the worst, you go in expecting this epic war between Humans, Lycans, and Vampires. What do you get? More of the freaking same, the human army only appears in the very beginning, the set pieces are underwhelming from there on, with the only 'human soldiers' being generic security guards who turn out to be - surprise! Werewolves. In fact almost everyone introduced in the third film is a werewolf, we get a token vampire buddy to Selene who is borderline Vampire Jesus herself now, a token human who at first seems like maybe he will be a complex character but nope, and two generic villains. Pump in a bunch of unnecessary CGI, really bad practical effects, and crappy fight choreography alongside an obnoxious protagonist who is actually a huge bitch with little to no personality and you have a stinker that gives the Twilight series a run for its money. Oh but there's blood and guts, which does nothing to make it better, it's just there, like a lot of the characters. I hope the directors never ever ever make another one.


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