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Reviews Comments: FOUTHING THIS REC LIKE A BOSS. Kingdom Of Heaven fanfic review by Ozythehaystack

Flat out, this is one of the best Hetalia fanfics I ever read, and is a fic that I will remember long after my memories of this series have faded into obscurity. The line about Cefalonia has haunted me, and will probably continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. The writer took a character I couldn't stand before (Romano) and made him into one of my favorite characters by the end of the fic, and that is HARD to do. From the image of Romano giving his rosary to Veliciano and begging him to not let Germany take that away from him, to the cry of “L’Italia chiaṃ!” that echoed through the streets of Naples, to the beatdown of Germany and the scene of Romano in confession, everything is FLAWLESS. Out of all the Hetalia fics I have ever read, only Zirakon (Memory) has beaten this one out for sheer excellence.

I'd rave more about this fic, but the core message is the same; READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT.


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