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Reviews Comments: Yea, it's about what you'd expect Happily Ever After film/book review by Rebochan

So I remember watching this movie as a kid and honestly, the only things I did remember all came at the end. This movie is about what you'd expect from a movie with the tagline "The direct to video sequel to Snow White."

So, first off, it's Filmation, so you know the animation is going to be pretty weak.

Second, the movie has a lot of filler to pad out a pretty thin and cliche'd "the last villain's sibling is back for revenge" plot. Because really, the entire plot of the film never changes from "Go rescue the prince", but first we have to sit through a lot of bad attempts at comedy from bad comic relief characters, and terrible, forgettable songs.

Yet the movie seems to have a cult following. Once the plot proper starts, it's easy to see why - there isn't a lot of media aimed at little girls that actually shows an active protagonist. Snow White gets ditched by her prince pretty early in the film and has to round up a posse to go save him. Throughout the film she tends to do what she can as a an untrained combat individual, and if that means threatening dragons with sticks and starting fires in front of dire wolves, then so be it. While she's not exactly up there with the likes of She-Ra as far as heroics, she's leagues ahead of her Disney counterpart in spunk and bravery. While the dwarfelles are largely forgettable (as the only one with any real character development is Thunderella), they're far more powered up than their male counterparts since they bring magic instead of pickaxes and torches. And unlike the Disney fairy tale, which ends like a fairy tale, this ends a bit more like a Saturday Morning Cartoon in which the villain has to get his ass kicked proper (yea, that's pretty much what I remembered.)

The voice acting is on par with 80s Filmation efforts, though they dig manage to attract a few celebrity voices anyway. Malcom McDowell voices the villain by apparently devouring the script whole and Dom DeLouise is the mirror.

I wouldn't say rush out and see this - I don't know if it's really earned the cult following it has in 90s animation circles. But I did get a certain amount of entertainment out of it again from the nostalgia rush as an adult...though a lot of it was just making fun of how cheesy and silly it is.


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