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Reviews Comments: The Forefather of Humongous Mecha shows Mazinger Z whole series review by SRW Fan

Mazinger-Z is the Trope Codifier of Humongous Mecha shows. It lacks from the chaff and Flanderization added by later shows, and it has all classic elements in their purest and truest form. It is pure, simple fun, the formula feels still fresh and undiluted, and it avoids the Seinfeld Is Unfunny syndrome because all characters and settings are very distinctive and easily recognizable.

Nevertheless, the trope was unbuilt back then, so it is also darker and more brutal than later and most idealistic shows.

Of course, Mazinger-Z has flaws (right like all series). It has an ongoing plot and several running subplots with twists but some people can find the story too simple or slow-moving. The characters are not cardboard cut-outs and they have Character Development, but some people can find them still shallow. The animation looks hieratic nowadays, and it has some glaring flaws, such like colouring flaws in some chapters (in its defense, it must be also remembered all animated shows have animation flaws, even nowadays, and it also has good qualities, it serves its function, and some episodes and battles were very well drawn and animated).

It is still a very nice series to watch, and it has something for everyone: the show aims to be mainly funny but with the right amount of adventure, thrills and personal drama. The plot is simple and straightforward, but it still has twists and surprises to keep someone draw in. The tone is generally light-hearted and idealistic, but it has darker elements, too. It has flaws but plenty good things, and it is still one of the great classics of the seventies.



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