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Utter garbage
Obnoxious songs? Check. Romantic Plot Tumour with potential Unfortunate Implications, given that Taylor Swift never moves one finger to save the trees? Check. Crude humor? Check. Cartoonish villains with no discernible reason for being evil? Check. Animals reduced to minion rip-offs? Check.

The only reedeming thing was the Once-ler's character expansion.


This wasn't much of a review, just railing against The Lorax. Good lord, this movie's controversial.
comment #13225 ManwiththePlan 12th Mar 12 (edited by: ManwiththePlan)
^ I would agree more with you if you would had removed "much of" from the comment.
comment #13230 marcellX 12th Mar 12
^ Oh, SNAP!
comment #13231 ManwiththePlan 12th Mar 12
And how is stating one or two paragraphs about how "great" this pile of "degrading to Seuss" shit a "review"? Hypocrites, much?
comment #13245 Gannetwhale 13th Mar 12
^ I didn't say anything about the other reviews. There's even another negative review on here and it's better put together than this one.
comment #13246 ManwiththePlan 13th Mar 12 (edited by: ManwiththePlan)
I agree with all of this... except for the songs. The songs were the most redeemable part of the movie.
comment #13266 PDown 14th Mar 12
Audrey isn't even aware of the Once-ler or the seed existing, and Ted doesn't tell her what he's doing until he has O'Hare chasing him down. How is she supposed to do anything? She never said "Hey Ted, go find a tree for me," she said "I really wish I could see a real tree someday." and he took it upon himself to go find one, on his own, in secret. Once he tells her about the seed, she's right there with him trying to get it to the center of town. What's the deal, seriously?

PS: The songs (and the Once-ler's character expansion) were probably the best parts of this movie.
comment #13341 AsleepInTheBooks 19th Mar 12
I think the point was that it took Ted to look for the seed, instead of her. Perhaps she'd have found the Once-ler if she actually made an effort to look. She's very passive but ambitious, whilst Ted is active, but only in it to impress a girl.

Why not simply just combine the characters into one, and do away with the romantic plot? Or better yet, flesh out her role. Maybe have Ted going off to deal with the evil corporation, whilst she meets the Once-ler.
comment #13345 maninahat 20th Mar 12 (edited by: maninahat)
^ It oughta be the other way around. Ted, the boy, should be the one listening to Once-ler's story and getting the seed from him like in the book. Audrey should've been out dealing with the evil corporation somehow.
comment #13356 ManwiththePlan 20th Mar 12
Hey, it still beats Hotel Transylvania.
comment #16829 Spinosegnosaurus77 11th Nov 12
And how is stating one or two paragraphs about how "great" this pile of "degrading to Seuss" shit a "review"? Hypocrites, much?

Do you even know the meaning of the word? it's not a review not because it's not positive but because it doesn't do anything other than bash the work, you didn't explained anything. Not to mention the rather pathetic argument as no one said that stating this is a great movie in one or two paragraphs was a review.
comment #16837 marcellX 11th Nov 12
Are you kidding? Hotel Transylvania is actually good and enjoyable, this film was a butchering of an excellent book and my favorite Seuss story, not to mention a pathetic star vehicle for Taylor Swift and Zac Efron that misses the point of the story and turns it into a black-and-white morality tale with the Once-ler getting an excuse for everything he did aside from misguided greed (like it should be),
comment #24605 Angelslayer 30th May 14
Plus turning him into a piece of fangirl bait for tumblr to fawn over...
comment #24607 Asger 30th May 14

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