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Reviews Comments: Overrated My Little Dashie fanfic review by paschendale

Everything about this fanfic is just awkward. The sentence structure is awkward, the transitions are awkward, and the characterization especially is awkward. The audience surrogate is a flat, boring, character and Rainbow Dash barely does or says anything.

I thought the beginning was cute but it stopped being interesting for me after I realized that adult Rainbow Dash had the same personality as filly Rainbow Dash.

I know this was a Tear Jerker for some, but I couldn't take this fic seriously at all. It had too little character development and too much Narm.


  • RanYakumo
  • 29th May 12
Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't find it to be all that good. Good review. :)
  • Ehzy
  • 14th Jun 12
I agree. Honestly I don't see what's so appealing about it. However, I have the slightest feeling the author was taking an approach at a brony version of Twilight. No, I'm serious. Twilight paints the main character, Bella, as an underdeveloped empty shell for the reader to step into and imagine they're experiencing all that happens to her, so they can get a nice ego stroking. I feel the same has been done with this fanfic, I mean, the bloody main character is barely developed, a typical "depressed teen who only needs some love", and he doesn't even have a bloody name. To be honest I find it agitating seeing all the praise this fanfic is getting just because people like to imagine themselves having their own filly RD. Just because a fanfic gives you an ego boost doesn't make it god tier. Human world-pony world crossovers just don't work.
  • Shinzakura
  • 4th Jul 12
The thing I disliked most about this fic was the father giving up Dash "just because". No serious parent would ever do that.
  • delaharl
  • 21st Jan 13
Bordering child abuse by raising a small pony, who we know are quite outgoing and pretty much raised for friendship, in an isolated environtment. No character development, and a seriously rude Celestia in the end.

Nice. All I have to do is write nothing but feels eh? No substance whatsoever.

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