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My Favorite of the Bard's Plays and I'm Not Ashamed
Alternate Alternative Interpretations abound, but does anyone else just think that Kate was a wealthy Alpha Bitch who was used to being able to do anything she wanted without anyone daring stand up to her? The very moment someone finally does, (and I'm taking this from Elizabeth Taylor's cue) she whines that he's not a gentleman if he strikes her back.

She then has to endure Petruchio's "anger flares" where he tosses over dining tables and rips dresses... but how is any of that any different than what Kate was doing in Acts One and Two? "Dear husband, be not so disquiet!"

This seems to me to be a simple story of a Tsundere being broken in.


Two wrongs don't make a right. Kate may have been a bitch, but there had to be better ways of dealing with it than messing with her head until she becomes a submissive shadow of her former self.
comment #12193 Wackd 6th Jan 12

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