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Reviews Comments: Not the Show I Thought it Was Bleach arc review by Eponymous Kid

Bleach was a good anime and a good manga for a little bit. Seriously, it had its own distinctive style despite telling a story that is very familiar to a shonen veteran (i.e., for a while it was Yu Yu Hakusho with better fashion sense). There was just something I enjoyed about the series when it was still ghost hunting in Karakura that just disappeared as soon as they entered the Soul Society. Don't get me wrong, I actually liked the Soul Society arc; it introduced a lot of very interesting characters and ideas. But it just wasn't the same show anymore. They went to this new location and introduced all these new characters and never really left. What I had hoped was a fun-filled vacation was a full-scale relocation. And everything changed about it; the characters (which ones are focused on, particularly), the scale, the scope of the stories... It just wasn't the same. I loved Bleach for the first 20 or so episodes and the first 7 volumes, but it up and changed from a familiar story with a refreshingly new style to a familiar story that I didn't like that much the first time.

I liked Bleach when it was Yu Yu Hakusho. Then it turned into Dragonball Z.


  • Beta Ray
  • 15th Feb 10
Finally, someone who understands how I feel about this series.
  • dGalloway
  • 20th Feb 10
I agree completely. Why does just about every series like this have to mutate into a DBZ clone?
  • Phrederic
  • 20th Feb 10
DBZ was popular, therefore if they turn into DBZ they'll be popular. Never mind that DBZ's...charm is fairly unique.
  • 15th Jul 10
Wow, someone else who also feels that Bleach pre-soul society was the best.

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