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Reviews Comments: Unoriginal and uninspired. Waking Nightmares fanfic review by REV 6 Pilot

Honestly, I expected more from a crossover with so much potential. And this... doesn't deliver.

The start of the fic is bland and uninteresting already - the team is stranded in the Everfree Forest (the default spawn point for HiE insertions), and someone brings them to the town. So, to cover up for that, we get INSTANT ACTION AGAINST A NEW (BUT OLD) EVIL!, where it shows how crazy awesome the newly-ponified BLUs are while making all the MLP cast, even the Princesses, almost entirely useless. Another thing is, there's no conflict between the two worlds' characters except for the Equestrians finding the BLUs creepy and brutal. But that's not the worst: what is is how much the author shoehorns cheap grimdark on the BLUs' background. I stopped reading after a very badly written sob story the Spy tells about his family.

Good grammar doesn't save a bad fic. Disrecommended with both thumbs down.

EDIT: Added a missing parenthesis.


  • nightelf37
  • 3rd Mar 12
OUCH! That was extremely hurtful. (Hey there, REV, beta for Cornova's Poke Wars.) Not that I'm the author for this.

I think I'd understand if you know next-to-nothing of the video game Team Fortress 2 (which is known for its stylized violence) and its extra backstories. Else, I don't see anything wrong with this. After all, the MLP cast aren't fighters (with Rainbow Dash being the closest to one but far behind the BLUs) and even the Princesses have limits (they my be godlike, but they're not invincible, although I can perhaps understand your negativity because of them seeming to have suffered the Worf Effect so soon).

In any case, as much as I hate to end up being not on your side, I'll have to say I like Waking Nightmares, even though I don't play Team Fortress 2, having only learning of the stuff via TV Tropes and my brother once playing it.
  • REV6Pilot
  • 12th Jul 12
Actually, I do know quite a bit of TF 2. And the chip on my shoulder is that this is all waaaay too serious for both the game and MLP - none of them takes themselves seriously, which is the exact opposite of this fic. Really, people shouldn't try and make Metal Gear Solid out of a game with an Excuse Plot and more comedy than action, especially when mixing them with something such as Mly Little Pony.
  • nightelf37
  • 22nd Jul 12
Oh, you do? I wonder if you're not a brony. And seriously, what's wrong with taking seriously things that shouldn't be. MLP:Fi M had also gone quite a bit serious at times. Sure, maybe Discord's funny, but he's also sadistic, resulting in him being both liked and hated. Somehow.

Guess I can't understand guys like you who can't tolerate the taking-serious of not-serious media.

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