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Reviews Comments: Great nostalgic blend of past and present, but could have been more Sonic Generations game review by Bonsai Forest

After the surprisingly fantastic Sonic Colors, I began to look forward to Sega's newest creative take on their famed mascot. The concept of two Sonics - modern and classic - co-existing was too meta and silly for my tastes at first, but I warmed up to the idea after playing a demo.

What this game easily does right is the two gameplay styles. There's no denying that the Sonic games played very differently on the Genesis than they do now, and it was great not only to revisit classic Sonic games, but to take classic Sonic into the modern era. Likewise with the reverse. The reimagining of classic levels in 3D, and modern levels in 2D is very well done. My personal favorites are classic Crisis City, and modern Chemical Plant. I also fully expected to hate Sky Sanctuary (I hated it back on the Genesis), but ended up loving the modern version of it. It's probably my third-favorite level in the game.

Some "modern Sonic" versions of the already modern levels, however, fail to capture their original appeal. As much as I disliked Sonic 2006, I loved Crisis City. The modern version of it feels like a very different level, with new obstacles like chunks of ground floatining on lava, which need to be pushed down to move on. It's very much not the same level. Likewise, I'm not happy with the new Speed Highway.

Also done well is the differentiation between modern Sonic and classic Sonic. Classic Sonic is less "cool" and more cartoony, with funnier animations and a very different personality. If modern Sonic is a teen concerned with his image, classic Sonic is like a hyperactive kid who puts up an air of "cool" in front of his friends. These are definitely not the exact same character, even though they have a lot in common. I find classic Sonic to be endearing, and would like to see him return for more games.

Unfortunately, what brings the game down for me, is the lack of levels, and the challenges used to compensate. There are 9 settings, with a modern and classic level each. To add extra content, there are 10 challenges per setting, but most of them are short and not that much fun for me. I'd rather have additional levels, like Sonic Colors did. Do that instead, and I'd easily call this the better game.


  • PataHikari
  • 18th Nov 11
The modern version of it feels like a very different level,

So wait, it being a very different level then the one in Sonic 2006 is a bad thing... why?
  • BonsaiForest
  • 18th Nov 11
There were elements I liked of the original level, like the cars suspended in the air during the tornado (which is kept in the classic version actually), a lot of railings to grind on, and some other design elements of the layout itself. Sonic 2006 was a bad game, but I did like that level a lot and would have liked to have seen something which keeps more of its design intact.
  • son
  • 26th Jan 13
I agree, Sonic generations was even lacking compared to Sonic Colors in my opinion. Seemed like they were trying to play it safe by not putting in too many features.

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