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Reviews Comments: The anime was better. Sailor Moon whole series review by Antiguo

You would see many "true" fans bemoan how the Anime series butchered Sailor Moon with it's repetitive plots, characterization and animation compared to the "Master Piece" that was the original.


Honestly, the manga was so cheesy it was absurd. Just for a moment take out the Eldritch Abomination type monsters, the deaths and brutality that marks it as "edgier" and "profound" and... you will get a series so silly it makes Dragon Ball look intellectual.

From the scale of time, to space to the sheer ABSURDITY of power levels, Sailor Moon Manga reads like a bad Fanfic. When you can pulverize entire planets and revive at will, create Planetary level castles, bend time and space to create an Utopic Thousand year + long Japanese Empire (Sieg Heil) and put things like Universe/dimension level scale of battle who are not the big bad, you had go beyond ga-ga to the realm of Crack cocain.

Okay, okay, it's not so bad and I shouldn't be bashing, but let's be honest; in a sense of plot focus, time and space size + effort, energy use, age relativility and scale of battles; Sailor Moon the Animated series is simply more grounded, detailed, focused and easy to swallow. Yes, its equally silly but it's like comparing Fooly Cooly silliness to Bobobo Bo Bobobo sillyness.

In sense of style... I honestly dig more the Anime but this is just my preference. The manga just went a little overboard in the bishie sparkle. I like better the Rei pop/hard spiritual woman to the Does Not Like Men virgin vow and at least they don't slaughter the cats and be done with it, the bastards.

So, I'm decreeing the Manga was inferior? Well yes. There is a reason why the Anime is the International force than the Manga and it's not lack of distribution or ignorance, since it was distributed and since 7 years ago, is easily accesible through internet, enough time to take it's rightfull place as the superior version to the old and new generation. Without the Anime, Sailor moon would have been a relatively popular but eventually forgotten manga of the 90's.

Shouldn't you read it? Of course not. Read it and enjoy it, but don't believe the hearsay that just because it was the original it make it more pure or truer. That because it has death and monster and more ruthless protagonist it make's it better.

Enjoy it as a rightful AU.


  • KashimaKitty
  • 7th Oct 11
The only points in difference I give the manga are condensing the series, and my only experience with the anime was the dub, which was horrible. You know you're watching the wrong version of the anime when you had no idea the characters ever died. If I do watch the anime again, I'll be sure to use "The Essential Sailor Moon Episodes" guide, to bypass the episodes that are considered pointless and lacking in character development.
  • Torquey
  • 8th Oct 11

  • ManwiththePlan
  • 8th Oct 11
To the manga's credit, it DID have a better, more cohesive story. And the Character Development always STUCK.

Agreed about Rei though. Anime Rei (pre Flanderization at least) >>> Manga Rei.

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