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Reviews Comments: Whored. To. Death. Ben 10 Alien Force whole series review by Frankiefoster

Well, it's official. Ben 10 has now suffered Seasonal Rot, Jump the Shark AND AS AN EXTRA BONUS, ADORED BY THE NETWORK all at the same time. Now you'd expect a show like Ben to die out sometime, right? Amirite? Nope. They tacked on a poorly-made sequel derailing almost everyone and having too much filler. Worse, they're making a fourth one to stretch the franchise out longer than it should. Ben is—well, in this series, a dull 16 year old now with the head of a badly photoshopped boy and the body of the original Ben aged up. Gwen + Charmcaster look like mannequins, where in the first series they looked human. The romance between Gwen and Kevin is polarizing at best and drives the Gwen/Ben shippers out of the series, as well as many original fans who hate the omnipresence of it and the randomness of when it happened. All the personalities/voices drive me insane, it's like everyone just slept through the whole series and didn't care about bringing relative believability into the characters, while the Forever Knights were lame excuses for villains and were just used for filler despite being comic book geeks in armor. In short, stick to Ben 10 and ignore the rest—you'll get more out of it.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 3rd Oct 11
Not much to say but "Word". Especially in regards to the whoring; just DIE already!
  • Frankiefoster
  • 5th Oct 11
Yup. The whoring makes it even worse. I'd like the franchise more if they'd just let it die.
  • Kirbypower
  • 18th Oct 13
Ahahaha...Nostalgia Glasses, how I hate you so much.
  • Theokal3
  • 1st Apr 14
Talk about a shallow review... I wonder what this guy thinks of Omniverse.
  • JamesPicard
  • 5th Apr 14
I don't think it was that bad, but I do agree that the original show was the best. The worst part of this show was that they clearly had no idea what they wanted to do anymore. Is this supposed to be an arc-based show, or a half-arc thing, or just plain stand-alones? Who are the bad guys, and what do they want? What's their plan? Are we going to actually build up the team, or just putz around and bring a bunch of people together at the last second? Their was no clear direction, probably because the writers quite clearly did not have a plan. Still, it did have its moments, mainly in the first two seasons when we had some sort of consistent arc, but the original had a better sense of what it wanted to be, and was better off for it.
  • BrightLight
  • 15th May 17
People like you are the reason why we have Omniverse.

People like you are the reason why Alien Force sucked so bad in Season 3.

Because you are blind to the brilliant and superior writing of Season 1 and 2 of Alien Force.

Are you happy with bringing about the ruin of the franchise? I hope you are. You people have done enough.
  • astrokitty
  • 15th May 17
Bright Light, I think you\'re overreacting...

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