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Reviews Comments: Good series. Buffy The Vampire Slayer whole series review by Antiguo

Buffy the Vampire slayer is, hands down one of the best Urban Fantasy/Horror series in Television. Had excellent characters, good plot (except season 6), ingenious Monsters and memorable Villains.

Then it came season 8.

I'm not saying Season 8 is bad. It's a nice story, good pacing and while sometimes repetitive, it really capture the attention of the reader, but the problem is that since it deals with the Unmasked world, it really brought down some serious Fridge Horror from the series.

This is exemplified in the Fanfic Trick or Treath from the Fanfic Recommendations.

Simply put, the Slayers had to be the worst kind of group for Freedom you can dream. I honestly cheered for the SG 1 and the military from the entire Fic and I found from uncomfrotable to downright despicable the way Buffy manage the Slayers and her desire to mantain things "Traditional and Clean".

Put in other way, Buffy is suppresing the information about Demons and things that bump the night because only the slayers can do it. This is a Third world trained, 100+ group of girls for the entire world. In fact, one of the new recruits had her entire Family slaughtered in front of her and there was nothing she and here group could have done to protect her. She is literally taking a traumatized 13 ish girl and forcing her to become a Child Soldier. For Buffy, making Child soldiers is the moral, upstanding thing to do. That is evil.

The other fact is, for this to work, they had to make the Military and the Society at large a bunch of idiots, incompetent pen-pusher, gun totting psychopats (like in the comic) and since this is the SG 1, it doesn't work. In fact, if you take it from the Real World View, what Buffy is doing is not only criminal and reprehensive, but completely inefficient. Honestly, who would you sheer: for a mental unestable, selfish (she was ready to throw the world away several times for her love ones) barbarian-ish warrior with 100 equal mental fuck up girls with a firm mentality of strength equal right or the Military and your Goverment to protect you?

While Buffy is an outstanding heroine, she is the last thing you would wan't to give power or leadership. And it this what broke the series after the ending (imagine again if the slayers had failed...guhh)

Great work but easily broken.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 26th Sep 11
For a review called "good series", this is more about complaints than reviewing.

However, I do agree that Seasons 6, 7, and especially 8 suck hard.
  • MajinGojira
  • 26th Sep 11
The comic lists 1800 Slayers, with 500 as part of their organization. Not including the regular humans and witches they have working with them.

However, I do agree in principle that it was not a well organized or lead organization. I'd just rather not see exaggerations or other disinformation be used when the truth is just as damning.
  • Antiguo
  • 26th Sep 11
Well, it really sound complaining, but Im from the way of though that first said if a work is good or bad and then critic.

yeah, I might have the numbers messed up (I blame the translation) but even so... 1800 slayers for 192 Nations and thousands upon thousans of cities, Villages and Hamlets. Even if you put a single slayer for city, it would be massively streched and no matter how badass an Slayer is, she is still a single person trying to protect over 10,000 people 24/7/365. People are going to get killed, this is a fact. More often including the Slayer (take season 9 and the slaughter at hands of Pearl and Nash) in the equation. Fuck, that barely count as a small freedom fighter, let alone the army for the human race.

And the thing is: there is no reason why mantain things secret. Seriously, there hasn't been a good argument why mantain that monsters exist from the public: yes, there would be panic and terror, but better this than live like sheep and constantly be slaughtered, abused and eated by things that bump into the night. Hell, the only reason why Buffy in fanfics oppose to the military is that they "don't get it" and are "inadecuate", thinking in the Initiative.

So of course you should let a bunch of unbalanced, medieaval armed, violent teenagers fight for the public instead of armed proffesionals. And I'm not being dimissive about their power or training, not at all. But their mentality is positive Barbaric chieftain and, well, see how Conan and their ink are to see how completely horrible is to put your trust in this kind of people.

could be abused? Of course, but The Gang abuse it all the time and just because things can get messy, doesn't mean you had to supress it by treath of power (Willow). That's orwellian If I ever see one.

Compare SG 1 again. yes, they are secret but its an entire Multinational, well trained organization regulated by codes and laws. yes, they had their bad apples but they are still heroic and a force of good for the public. compare season 8/9/fanfics about Buffy and the gang. While they stop apocalypses (and if they acted as an elite force for this ocassion, excellent), at the end of the day they are incredible incompetent protecting the civlians and people keep being slaughtered and killed left and right.

I'm serious, what buffy does in season 8-9, by training teenager girls (almost forcing them) to become soldiers because a witch and a bunch of old assholes said so, is possitively Evil. Fan-fucking despicable and against every single right humans had fought for hundreds of years
  • MajinGojira
  • 26th Sep 11
You're making an assumption that they are doing the main maintenance of the masquerade (which broke in Season 8 thanks to Harmony in the dumbest way possible I might add). At best, the keep the status quo of people being idiots. Or, rather, people know, but no one talks about it at bests.

They cover up in so much that they avoid getting locked up for crazy talk.

At least, most of the time.
  • thedragoness
  • 26th Oct 11
Buffy (and Willow) did essentially what had to be done, like they usually do. Same thing with Warren, set free a murdering rapist bent on evil or flay him because he killed her girlfriend and tried to kill Buffy? Least that's how I see it, so it probably doesn't amount to much, but you can hopefully see another side to the argument.
  • eveil
  • 27th Oct 11
For Buffy, making Child soldiers is the moral, upstanding thing to do. That is evil.

Tell that to Naruto fans and Native Americans.
  • Antiguo
  • 5th Mar 12
... well, it's not the same. Different Universes, different cultures and different humans (Naruto, not the Native Americans).

Just in our society, whom would you prefer: the military or the Gang?.

Also, how the hell can people honestly believe the purity of Vampires?. Seriously, how?. Most of them are absolutely psychopaths and there exist evidence by hunters, historical facts and people who had survived to ruin their "nice" image.

That's pretty much my beef with season 8 and 9. Humanity are acting too stupid to take seriously and while I can understand Whedon desires of an orwelian society and the bad megacorporation, and is in a way necessary for drama's sake, this is stretching the truth too far.
  • MajinGojira
  • 31st Aug 12
Given that the Universe in Season 8 was attempting suicide, people being rational would be an odd thing indeed. Would certainly explain the stupidity/insanity.

That said, I found the blase acceptance of Vamps in Season 8 along with manslaughter (self defense killing at best) being broadcast on national television not being reprehensible and the use of tanks as if they were horse drawn cavalry to be horrifically bad.

Worse, when doing something like that, it needs to be established better.
  • tsstevens
  • 12th Sep 12
In the first four comics we have Amy, Willow, Ethan and Warren brought back into the fold. From a production and writing point of view perhaps it would have been better to just concentrate on the one character and then bring another one in so the weird stuff is slowed down and there's not too much going on. The same where Fray is in the story. Dark!Willow was also brought in, and Kennedy...would it have worked better simply keeping the story in New York first, then have Buffy go to the future in the fourth issue, then tease Dark!Willow four books after that? It seems like they tried to cram too much in.

As far as the weird stuff that goes on, I feels kind of like I was missing a part of the story. This seems to happen more when they try and squeeze as many characters as they can into a story. Wolves at the Gate or No Future For You are good examples that avert this. Japanese vampires are trying to destroy the Slayer army. Giles hires Faith to assassinate a Slayer that wants to kill Buffy. That's all you need. It's great to have Dracula for the ride, as well as read or watch Xander and Renee, or Buffy and Satsu, but they don't seem to make the story as hard to follow as maybe Retreat.

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