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Reviews Comments: You Mad? Mad whole series review by Torquey

Imagine this for a second.

You're watching your favorite television show (say, Family Guy). In the episode you're watching, Family Guy seems to be a lot like South Park, trying its best to be as topical as possible. And I don't mean "popular two months ago" topical, I mean "specifically created to be accurate as soon as it aired" topical. Anyway, you're watching a segment when something occurs to you. As if the show was suddenly whitewashed, every bad word is censored. It's almost as if Seth Mac Farlane himself wanted to insert as many dirty words as possible, but he was whipped by Fox into putting censor bars and replacing jokes on his show. As a result, the jokes get duller, as if the maturity was the show's only sustinence.

That's how Mad is. Simply put, it's like someone put Robot Chicken and South Park in a blender, but picked all the curse words and nudity out before serving it to their customer. Jokes that would've at least given you a chuckle are ruined to become PG rated. Even the Spy vs. Spy jokes, often the most original and humorous shorts on the show, are "defanged" to remove all violence.

Essentially, Mad is really for one demographic: kids who somehow understand the rapid-fire jokes coming at them, most of them obscure references only adults would get, but who also have never experienced a better series, like Robot Chicken * . Unless you fall into this manchild-like category, you will ultimately never be satisfied with the end result.


  • Frankiefoster
  • 30th Oct 11
You're right. The only jokes I found hilarious were Alvin and the Monks, the Sleep Tight spoof, some Moon commercial for werewolves, and Batman/Family Feud jokes, as well as a few I found unintentionally laughing at. Other than that, most of the jokes (except Spy vs. Spy) kinda suck.
  • Ghilz
  • 30th Oct 11
I don't know. South Park is kinda shit to begin with. Not sure removing the cursing makes it worst. Coz that's an uphill battle.
  • HotaruofKonoha
  • 10th Nov 11
I'm not a fan of Family Guy/Robot Chicke/South Park. I've only watched this show once or twice I believe, and can't really remember what episode that was, but I know I laughed a few times during it. It's not something I would rush to watch, but probably something I would turn to if there was nothing else on. Like Ghilz said, I'm not quite sure if removing cursing from something suddenly makes it the worst thing in the world. Shows don't have to toss dirty words and cursing at you as many times as possible to be funny.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 11th Nov 11
I have to agree on that point too, cursing flippantly doesn't always make everything better. In moderation, it's hilarious, but when they throw curse words left and right, it's a problem.
  • ading
  • 30th Apr 13
Family Guy, South Park, and Robot Chicken are all able to make hilarious jokes without cussing or nudity so your argument kind of falls flat.
  • Wulf
  • 30th Apr 13
I don't think the OP is saying that swearing, violence, or nudity are the only thing good about those shows, or that they're inherently funny things. Rather, they're one of many important parts of that style of comedy, and totally removing it can very easily ruin the joke. The comedy coming from the juxtaposition of say, Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto is damaged by taking the latter down to be PG-acceptable. It doesn't necessarily totally kill the humor, but it lessens and limits it.

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