Reviews Comments: I liked it. I guess.

I liked it. I guess.

Under... his own name! His own name! That damned flea is beyond all... I will kill him! And I will ruin this page... and this shirt... and... no... he can wait.

I'm not much of a reader, and I'll pass on anything that comes recommended by him. But the anime had its moments. I didn't like the way the point of views switched so much... it was about Celty, right? Why not stick with her? So confusing... but the art did her justice, I guess.

There're the two boys, Kida and Mikado... their secretiveness... the plot was messy. Could've fixed half of it myself if I'd known what that bastard was planning. And the girl, always with them... large breasts, glasses, some other shit. She was too quiet! Unmemorable! How am I supposed to keep track of so many characters when I can't even keep one name straight?

Much past the main adults and I could barely tell what was going on. By the end, I still didn't know what the hell 'Saika' was, and I'm almost sure that was important. Or did she die? Just thinking about it is confusing.

Even once I'm past all the insanity of the storyline to contend with, there's... I won't even say his name. Who gives a damn what happens to the informant? Unless it's his funeral, I sure as hell don't. And even then, it'd be for the satisfaction of finally spitting on his grave. I feel bad for the woman he's always got in that office of his, and I hate everything about her! No one is bad enough to deserve that cockroach, gloating over their shoulder... watching them... oh, I will kill him. To hell with my shirt, I will-!

Even that, I can't enjoy. Just like everything else, my beating the shit out of him with my bare hands will be taken out of context. I would never... think about him like that! Nnnnng... I'll kill him! I'll hunt him down first, and then I will come for anyone who makes a goddamned yaoi about it!

...I did like the anime. I recommend it... not to people like me, but I think- IZAYAAAAAA! GET BACK HERE, FLEA! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!


This was so in character, I nearly busted a gut.
comment #10241 JenKunoichi351 24th Sep 11
...*burns all Yaoi* Ehehehehe... awesome review
comment #10741 MrMissMrsRandom 12th Oct 11
Don't burn the yaoi if the Foe Yay is canon! D: And you don't want to piss Erika off...oh...

But great Shizuo impersonation.
comment #15288 AkiraxAtsukifan 8th Jul 12

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