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Reviews Comments: Quite Literally a "Web Original" The Kings Epic Adventure whole series review by Hooray For Hollywood

TV Tropes has a category they describe as "Web Original". The works that go under there are original ones created for the Internet, including what are pretty much the most fascinating works found online. Youtube Poop's glib origins centered around a reputable form of trolling; since then, the most devoted followers took it upon themselves to redifine YTP's shock site/mash-up formula until it finally got a rise out of viewers for commendable reasons. Users such as avojaifnot and Dinner Warrior have become the most artistic, creating impossible-to-imitate styles to call their own. Geibuchan, with a little series of videos he called "The King's Epic Adventure", eventually became the most ambitious.

YTP, by being random, silly and unnervingly chaotic, has become a haven for any and all ideas to throw around. Nowhere else on the World Wide Web would anyone follow the story of a videogame character aligning with and fighting characters from other videogames and anime shows, just to make his fecal matter the single most popular food in the world. Not even fanfiction sites could do justice to the unpredictable, breakneck pacing and sensory overload with which this story must be told. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures in "The King's Epic Adventure" break the bank.

Combining sentence mixing, Flash animation, MS Paint, and voiceover dubs, Geibuchan positions himself as a legend among online entertainers. He created the single most irreverent, watchable animated series since John Kricfalusi quit the practice to blog and do freelance work. In fact, Geibuchan might turn out to be the next John K.; he's a genuine trailblazer, valuing pure craftmanship instead of time and always telling himself he has more room to grow. Yes, the first two episodes in the now four-part saga are inferior in terms of animation, but viewers can still see the ambition shining through. Over seven videos, he's created heroes, villians, hopes, dreams, and emotions; he turns every last goofy cipher into a three-dimensional personality.

I consider "The King's Epic Adventure" to be a Web Original; as far as You Tube is concerned, it's the most original and entertaining thing on the Web.


  • Torquey
  • 2nd Sep 11
Funny thing is that I was going to argue that you're praising a series where the King of Hyrule runs around, making people eat his shit. Then I actually watched part of the series and was legitimately surprised. It has amazing animation and audio, considering it's a glorified Youtube Poop.

Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • HoorayForHollywood
  • 6th Sep 11
An elaboration on my comment, "a legend among online entertainers"; my short list of great online entertainers includes (as of now) Geibuchan, avojaifnot, MoBrosStudios, Douglas Darien Walker, Matthew Taranto, Gabe and Tycho, Michael Swaim, Seanbaby, Pokecapn, medibot, IlluminatusVespucci, and Kung-Fu Jesus, Hellfire Commentaries, and Little Kuriboh.

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