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Reviews Comments: It's Bad. Zoo Keeper film/book review by Yoshi EXE

I'm just going to get this out of the way now; This movie sucks. In it, the zookeeper, Griffin is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him five years ago. Eventually, he finds out that the zoo animals can talk, and they all try to help him since he always treated them so well. But there's also another woman who works at the zoo that ends up being a second Love Interest for Griffin. His ex, on the other hand isn't interested in him if he's going to be just a zookeeper (even though he loves his job) and wants him to take a better-paying job at his brother's car dealership. Take a wild guess at how it ends.

What follows is an annoying, unfunny Cliche Storm that you'll be lucky to have laughed once at. The only animal that serves any purpose is the gorilla. The rest of the animals are completely meaningless to the plot, and are just there to make bad jokes and annoy the hell out of you (especially that damn monkey). The jokes and humor are the kind that you've probably already seen in Generic Laugh Track Sitcom #6268 a hundred times before, and any viewer who is remotely Genre Savvy will be able to tell where the plot's going a good 20-30 minutes in advance. There are two almost funny scenes involving a mariachi band and a TGI Fridays respectively, but trust me, those scenes are still pretty mediocre.

In conclusion, please just don't bother with this movie. It's a comedy that's not funny, and I really wish I could have seen X-Men instead like I wanted to. But hey, this movie's still better than Skyline.


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