Reviews Comments: Poes law strikes again.

Poes law strikes again.
SVU is plainly a well hidden parody towards our Paedo Hunt culture and vigilante desires for justice. A main character who acts in ways that would portray him as a Complete Monster is the hero, and the audience accepts it because of who he faces.

Who remembers the episode where a Mentally retarded man is harrassed by Stabler? Black Comedy at it's finest.


Complete Monster? Seriously?

There's a lot more to the show than just Stabler.
comment #12734 Teraus 8th Feb 12
Never thought of it this way, thanks for the review.
comment #12736 VeryMelon 8th Feb 12
I just see Stabler as one of those really incompetent police officers that can only exist in tv land. He would have a 0% success rate and cause many cases to get thrown out simply for touching it. He's not a complete monster, more a jerkass cowboy cop.
comment #22737 GallowsNoose 7th Jan 14
Stabler needs to maybe, settle down into a less stressful job, or at least take a vacation. I remember this show amping up the drama to ridiculous levels sometimes due to the subject matter. One of the things that kind of left a bad taste was the good guys taunting the perps with little prison rape jokes, it just never seemed like the kind of thing someone should be encouraging if they were fighting against sexual violence and rape culture.
comment #23301 rimpala 25th Feb 14
The sheer amount of Did Not Do The Research this shows partakes in, as well as the various amounts of ridiculous tropes being played straight in the later seasons and the 13th season actually doing away with all of that in favor of the heroes actually being competent again just points to bad writing.
comment #27103 ajbit26 30th Nov 14

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