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Reviews Comments: Clever. Concise. Caballistic. Deltora Quest whole series review by Glixinator

Each of Rodda's novels is short compaired to such fantasy icons of Tolkien, Rowling and Paolini, but contained within these few pages is wit matching famous science fiction authors Bruce Coville and K. A. Applegate. The distinguishing feature of her wit however is the extensive use of coded messages, riddles, and other brain teasers often having many layers. I recommend that you don't just finish the books in one go, take your time, savour it, set it aside for a bit and let yourself go off on an Epileptic Tree, that's half the fun. The fact that you are even cabable of doing so with such short books says alot about their quality. The World is as rich and diverse as any good High Fantasy, and as the main page states the work is quite Troperiffic. I have seen at least one of the Logic Bombs before, though I don't remember where and the details were different (I remember the correct answer being that "I shall be boiled in oil") thus revealing the basic format of that particular Logic Bomb around which it can be moulded to suit any given context. As this shows it is derivitive, but that shouldn't dampen your enjoyment of this well crafted work, which though marketed towards children, will make readers of any age think while it entertains them. Well worth a read.


  • Beyondnor
  • 4th Jul 11
It was actually "you will cut off my head" but the same gist. It really is an amazing series though. I read the first series in 8th grade and when I learned there were more my head fell off.
  • sabrina_diamond
  • 19th Sep 11
I liked Deltora Quest books and the anime. Some of the riddles actually make you think so it was a bonus for me
  • Glixinator
  • 26th Oct 11
^^ I know, I was giving the correct answer to the first form of the Logic Bomb that I heard, not the version that appears in the series, in order to illustrate how the format can change as it is adopted to different works.

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