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Reviews Comments: Great Game. Love it deeply. Vampire The Masquerade game review by Antiguo

Only I have never played it as the setting dictated.

This was literally the first Tabletop I ever knew. I had all the books, spinoff and novels. I had played nearly all the clans and settings from adventure to mystery to insane pastiche with other books, being GM and player, and yet I have never entered the Gothic horror that is the setting of Vampire the Masquerade.

Honestly for my part, I simply can't do it. I can imagine the Dark, bleak world of Vampire, the Thriller horror and hopelessness that is their work of art. Im to cheery, to hopeful (even with depression), too Humans Are Special fan to take the work serious enough to desire live in there, even Vicariously.

It doesn't mean Im not intelligent enough to understand the aim or get the idea (as some Fan Dumb in the community can say), its only not my cup of tea. The entire Nihilism, cynicism and evil sneering either crack me up or make me roll my eyes. I can't simply understand the Generation X that birth it enough to be able to create and play in such a setting and neither of my player companions could for whatever reason.

Sooner it would degrade into Dark adventures, travel to redemption and kick ass battles, either physical, psychological or spiritual. I also throw away many of the rules of the setting or created my own for the game (For example, Vampires don't get tired capable of running and fighting at their peak condition as long they possesed a dot of blood, they don't have vital/deadly parts of their body except heart and head, beyond resistance to pain, control totally their sense-religion was a force to be reckoned and spirits pro-human could get very deadly with the undead and so on) that could break havoc in the original work.

So why I still loved the game?

It had great ideas, great basic worldbuilding and it was entertaining to read and learn. And that's the reason of this review. At difference of the Grimdark darkgrim blackhole that is Warhammer 40000, you can take things out of the work and use it as you desire it. Its truly an Tabletop Game in the sense that, even with the Metaplot, you could ripe appart and create your frankestein of House game with barely effort.

Take it, bought it or download it from Internet (which is embarrassing easy to get the entire line) and give it a check. Either you liked it or pirate its ideas like is Metallica.


  • BadficFetish
  • 12th Feb 12
I don't have the money to acquire the gameline, but I like your mindset.
  • Antiguo
  • 29th Mar 12
Seriously, it's so easy to download the entire series it's just plain ridiculous.

It would take you what?, 3 hours to get the 50 books.

Or you can got to several Tabletop vendor-ish (?) places and get the used book's very cheap.

Try it... or not.
  • Picheleiro
  • 30th Mar 12
There is some themes that are more difficult than others to do on live. Terror ones without visual support feels very hard to me. Also emotional or sex scenes need a long time working with the characters.

I love the game too, but I also cant handle very well the caricatured themes of it. And you need to cut some mythology of the Wo D because It simply shows a overpopulated supernatural world.
  • Theokal3
  • 23rd Apr 15
I like your mindset as well. I never played the game personally, not because I dislike it, but because I lack the means to do so (I have very little friends who I rarely see, and my two brothers aren't in RPG), but I would definitely play it like this if I had the occasion.

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