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Reviews Comments: Could be better!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suburban Knights episode/issue review by astroshark

Suburban Knights is an ambitious project by Doug Walker and the rest of TGWTG. It's a giant cross over movie starring all the critics and characters we know and love. Unfortunately, Suburban Knights is a Suburban nightmare, riddled with flaws! It's not the worst, but it could definitely be better!!!!!!

It has many pacing issues. Several of the parts just feel dull because nothing happens. A good chunk of the movie is spent following Team Critic and Team Spoon wandering around in the forest. We don't learn anything or have any real plot development until part 5, and even then, it's through ten minutes of straight exposition.

The writing is also very lazily done. Doug Walker decided to go for very safe and easy jokes, and didn't really get creative for the jokes. The few jokes that aren't pop culture references are repeated gags that get run into the ground (Though the final Inigo Montoya joke made me chuckle, if only for the reaction of everyone behind Joe).

Also on the subject of the writing, a lot of the characters just... don't feel like they do in their reviews. Film Brain in SK is nothing like the proper Film Brain, and everyone else just feels like flanderized versions of themselves.

I also feel that the fight scenes could have been better. I don't expect expertly choreographed fight scenes, but it just feels like they put in no effort. The cheesy sound effects spliced in really didn't help! It just extenuated how little effort and care went into the fight scenes.

Suburban Knights did have some good things about it though. Malchidite had some cool scenes at the end, and Brad Jones was entertaining in the few scenes he had. Unfortunately a few pros does not out weigh an ocean of cons.

If you're a hard core fanboy of TGWTG, you'll be able to look past all the flaws and enjoy it as a dumb popcorn flick. If you're just a more casual fan of TGWTG, you're better off passing on this, as it's a big disappointment.


  • ChrisWWII
  • 2nd Jul 11
I feel like I should point out a couple things.

Film Brain's character in the crossovers is a carryover from Kickasssia. And, to be honest, the characters have been consistent throughout all the crossovers.

And I disagree with you on the fight scenes. They look pretty damn good, to be honest. The silly sound effects have been a staple of TGWTG fight scenes from the very beginning look at the Ferngully review, or look all the way back to the Brawl. The sound effects have always been there. And for me? They work.

  • Shota
  • 3rd Jul 11
Film Brain's and the other characters' personalities are the same as in Kickassia. I don't know why you didn't remember that.
  • emeriin
  • 3rd Jul 11
And Kickassia personalities doesn't always mean they're not like that in the reviews. It was pretty much the starting point for Chick being a sociopathic bitch, it showed Linkara's ego off well and it shouldn't be surprising that Critic's always been written the best in whatever he's in.
  • astroshark
  • 3rd Jul 11
I know about Film Brain's portrayal in Kickassia, but you know, he got over his obsession with the NC in kickassia, so even going by that, it's not consistent.

And I'll challenge the fight scenes looking good. They weren't that bad, but they weren't good, and could definitely be improved. If they took out the giant clashing of swords sound effect, used less shaky cam, and actually did a little bit of choreography the fights could have turned out so much better. It felt like they where trying to emulate a giant battle from LOTRO or some such, but that doesn't really work when it's 18 vs 4 people.

  • emeriin
  • 3rd Jul 11
Well you don't get over crushes easily. Stay away from the bad boy for a couple of years and you might not remember why you lost your attraction. ;)
  • LaCapitana
  • 4th Jul 11
I think that in the third year, they've improved VASTLY. I think that Doug Walker is still trying to find out what the strengths and weaknesses are of his cast and crew. I think the fight scenes were Stylistic Suck and they had plenty of hilarious jokes, but they're not professional stunt people or fight choreographers so I do think that they need to focus on the actual fighting a lot less.

Also, I forgot the actor's name who plays Malacite, but he's very good at martial arts. They should have shown him off a lot more throughout the whole series.

  • TerminusEst13
  • 4th Jul 11
The fights were just plain awful. I think it was because the props were flimsy and they didn't want to bust them, but there's absolutely no impact and a lot of moves are just random swinging.
  • PoptartTan2
  • 14th Jul 11
...The fights are not totally meant to look good.
  • TerminusEst13
  • 14th Jul 11
That's kind of a flimsy excuse. If they "meant" for their fights to not look good, then they succeeded.


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