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Reviews Comments: Suckered Into the Movie Twilight film/book review by nightshade 43

I won't go into detail about the book, as I could only read through a third of it. Edward was actually a better character in the book but I digress.

I had no idea about Twilight when my sister convinced me to watch it with her. I was so blissfully unaware that...vampires or characters in general could be so weak.

An hour in and I was BORED. Even the make-up was bad. The MAKE-UP. Everyone's role was awkward and just plain weird. Not in a good way.

Edward's watching her sleep was creepy as hell; ironically it was meant to be romantic. Bella was worse than most damsels. And when he Sparkled. Oh. My. God. "WHAT THE HELL!?" was my response.

By the end I had to watch 30 Days of Night the next day, for I felt my respect for fictional vampires plummet to the Earth faster than someone falling over.

Bad, BAD movie. Worse than most low-quality horrors, and I've seen my fare few. Maybe for the romantic saps who don't care about lack of research, decent character development or boring plot-changes. Or twilight fans. They can read it. I just won't see another film or read another book about it again.


  • terlwyth
  • 1st Sep 11
I saw that one myself,and ya' know what like Matilda,Deathly Hallows,The Shining,The Da Vinci Code,and Escape to Witch Mountain the movie is far better than the "book".

See I myself thought the same thing for the first half hour,but then I realized. Waita minute Robert Pattison is actually doing that on purpose,....he's mocking the character by playing him as a drug addict with issues.And Kristen Stewart clearly isn't trying either being dull enough to make Noah Ringer and JakeLloyd blush. And then the supporting cast is actually decent. The angle is great

I think that it would've been better not to read the *books* and stick with the fact that ya' wasted time on the movie. Becuase at least there you know that the characters are intentionally stupid to the point of Narm,occasionally Narm Charm,the books on the other hand,.....

Had it deviated from the plot by a long shot and had Taylor Lautner not taken it seriously,it could've been good.

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