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Fascinating, Terrifying, and Really Cool
I have eventually decided that Stephen Lang is actually acting well here, because his character is basically a robot, denied the Lacanian mirror stage. Either way, Patrick McGoohan has the coolest speaking voice ever, and Michael Ironside - who looks slightly like Jack Nicholson - gives one of the most intriguingly badass villains ever. And, of course, he can make Your Head A Splode. Not Cronenberg's very best, as its a lot less layered than, say, Videodrome or The Fly, but damn enjoyable nonetheless.
Nice review. Short and sweet.

However, I disagree about it being less layered. It is just as deep, as it questions the very nature of the Hero's Journey.
comment #16324 LDragon2 29th Sep 12
It's actually Stephen Lack, not Lang. I thought it was realistic given the character's background that he'd be emotionally constrained, and the others similarly dysfunctional. I'm sure telepathy would be a great burden. One would need a way to "turn it off" or go mad.
comment #22559 Fireblood 23rd Dec 13
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