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Reviews Comments: I Wanted A Different Protagonist! Twilight film/book review by x SOULFIRE

I read Twilight after hearing on how it was a beautiful book from my librarian and friends. I wasn't so focused on the (read: horrible) romance between Edward and Bella. Love At First Sight usually doesn't annoy me too much (like Disney), but this was just... Um. I can't really say it well, but I'll try. Being attracted to mere scents and looks isn't good for me. The supernatural part... I don't know where to start. I tried not to get the supernatural parts of the book get to me. I pretended they were humans the whole time. Still, I find myself wishing for something.

I wanted a different protagonist.

I kept thinking to myself, "Hey, what's Charlie thinking right now? Is he just drinking beer and watching sports again? I want to know what he's thinking about Bella! How and why did Charlie and Bella's mom get divorced?" Something about Charlie seemed mysterious and vague to me, which kept me curious. Then I read about Alice Cullen. I absolutely loved this character. Something about her energetic personality and love of clothes makes me root for her characterization! Just these two traits, and she's more interesting then the Official Couple! Heck, I found Esme and Carlisle to be a cuter couple than Edward and Bella! Maybe it's because they love each other and their power is compassion. Or maybe it's because Carlisle saved Esme from having no purpose to live.

Regardless, I wanted someone else to be the protagonist instead. Anyone that wasn't Bella or Edward. I could imagine the story on how Esme and Carlisle met and married each other. I really can't imagine someone's attraction to scent to become a couple. Instead of Edward/Bella merchandise, I see Alice/Jasper instead. Really, if Stephanie wrote with a different protagonist instead, I'll be grateful.


  • LostHero
  • 5th May 11
Indeed, one of the fundamental flaws with the book is its choice of protagonist. Literally everyone else in the book has a more interesting backstory that goes to waste on twu wuv. It saddens me.
  • PeopleRstupid
  • 6th May 11
I agree with this review.
  • TheNightShadow5
  • 6th Jun 11
It wouldn't be so bad if Bella and Edward weren't so. . . boring. They have no substance beyond their(rather shallow)devotion to each other. It's sad, and a sigh of poor writing ability, when the secondary characters are more engaging then the main protagonists.
  • YemiHikari
  • 6th Jun 11
The reason that Meyer didn't write a different character is unfortunatly because Bella=Meyer...
  • Kereea
  • 21st Sep 11
You too? My god I wanted more Charlie, and Bella's attitude to him at the end of New Moon (and, okay, everywhere else) was a big reason I stopped reading. I agreed with "the Distressed Watcher" who reviewed to movies. I wanted Charlie's story. That might have worked.
  • terlwyth
  • 4th Nov 11
I wanted Carlisle,Charlie lost my interest after Eclipse and the whole "Good on you son" crap.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 5th Nov 11
I wanted more Charlie, Carlisle/Esme, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie, and Leah! And Jacob was sometimes cool too.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 5th Nov 11
I wanted Alice. Or Jasper. Or hell, one of the damn Volturi...not Edward and Bella littered throughout the book.
  • hga27
  • 7th Apr 12
I know exactly what you mean. Bella is literally the worst character, and if it was narrated by anyone else, the series would actually be pretty good. Well, aside from Edward, because he sucks too.
  • troacctid
  • 8th Apr 12
If it were narrated by anyone else, the new narrator would turn into Bella. Did you read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? You'd see what I mean.
  • Joyce
  • 10th May 12
Then why don't you write that story? Seriously, other people would probably like to read a different POV.
  • Elloran
  • 3rd Dec 12
My thoughts, just my thoughts. There were so many interesting characters in the series, and if it's not from their personal POV, I'd love to read stories about them.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 3rd Dec 12
Maybe Twilight is secretly a commentary on society. That we place emphasis on all the wrong things, and put hollow, shallow, or ultimately boring things at the center of our lives, and miss out on all the vibrant and interesting interactions that are happening around us.

Is that giving Meyer too much credit?
  • Starburstia
  • 10th Dec 12
That's too much credit. I don't think she was aiming for that at all.

I don't understand the hate this series gets, but admittedly it's a really underwhelming book. I'm not even sure how it rose from obscurity. Bored bored bored.
  • sacredcowtipper
  • 14th Nov 14
Fair enough, x SOULFIRE, fair enough. I usually feel the same way about every Designated Heroine whom we're supposed to like simply because she's an extrovert.

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