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Reviews Comments: Fandom is Ruining the Franchise Kingdom Hearts game review by Lydia 777

Kingdom Hearts is a great multiverse series, this I agree with. The gameplay is relatively simple, but complex when tweaking your strategies against opponents and has imaginative abilities and magic that's on par with the Final Fantasy series. The mythology is simply innovative and mesmerizing, the power of light and darkness, the transcending of inner strength through loved ones and your own sense of self is what really pulls a regular fan in—-and add a bit of the magical world of Disney and it's not just a nostalgic piece, it's an adventure.

It's a shame that such a highly profited, not to mention elaborate piece of good gaming can be smeared by the fandom....well, fan DUMB. Kingdom Hearts is notable for it's notoriously...crazy fans, I have to admit. Being a yaoi fangirl myself, I find it terrible that the game is practically sullied by people who are simply in it for the 'romance', or whatever nonexistent theme of romance there is in it. While this is common in all fanbases, in all forms of media, the Kingdom Hearts fanbase is notorious in mainstream anime culture for it's now predictable cosplays of characters (most famously Organization XIII), to the mainstream game culture calling it 'that game where all the gay guys are' because of the the fanbase's portrayal of it. Not only does this ruin the fan aspect of it, but the overall mythology and story—-making it completely uncalled for.

Kingdom Hearts is caught between being under-appreciated for it's story and gameplay and over-appreciated for it's characters. While I am of the firm mind that all creativity is welcomed in a fanbase, this is getting a little out of control—-and the game could end up being a laughingstock of the gaming AND anime community. And that, is a sad fate for such a wonderful game.


  • BonsaiForest
  • 4th Apr 11
I personally think the fans that are ruining it are those who keep insisting on pushing Disney out of the picture. Having recently watched Tangled, I'm wanting Disney in more than ever. It's about them by and large, after all. But the "cool" players who keep wanting their "Bad Ass" characters and thinking Disney "ruins" it are rather offensive.
  • Scardoll
  • 5th Apr 11
I personally agree that Kingdom Hearts has a terrible fanbase, but it's not like the game series wasn't pandering to them with games like 358/2 days.

And the story isn't very innovative.
  • ronasokily
  • 6th Apr 11
@Scardoll The story is pretty innovative, or at least original. It just uses the usual "light and darkness" idea that other stories use.
  • LordOfRapture
  • 9th Apr 11
No, Scardoll is right, the story isn't very innovative. I love the series, but there is no denying the plot takes a lot of inspiration from other JRPG plots.

And Bonsai Forest is right as well. Disney needs to be a bigger part of Kingdom Hearts more than ever. The O Cs are taking too much time and focus away from what made Kingdom Hearts so special: being able to experience all our favorite Disney movies in a few video games.
  • PumpkinLore
  • 10th Apr 11
I have to agree with BonsaiForest and LordOfRapture, Disney needs to have a bigger part in the games (though I heard the reason the OCs are the main focus is because of Executive Meddling. Dang it.)
  • Scardoll
  • 11th Apr 11
I wouldn't mind more Final Fantasy AND Disney. More Final Fantasy outside areas like Hollow Bastion, the hubworlds, or the Colosseum, and more variety in the Disney worlds. I also wouldn't mind a Chrono Trigger reference or two, but that would be asking too much of Square. :( The O Cs just aren't interesting enough to warrant the huge amount of attention they're given; at least the characters from other fictions are recognizable.

And for God's sake, these games need more Pixar.
  • Lydia777
  • 22nd Apr 11
Actually, Scardoll, there were plans on using Woody and/or Buzz from Toy Story as a summon in I think KH 2, but it got axed at the last minute. And I agree that we need more Disney.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 25th Apr 11
More of a review on the Fan Dumb than on the games, but you hit the nail on the head. *Applause*

And Bonsai Forest, you first comment on this page = AGREED.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 25th Apr 11
Oh, and Pumpkin Lore, where'd you hear that? (The Executive Meddling thing?)
  • Leetroper
  • 26th Apr 11
The reason I don't think too many Disney characters should be involved is because not as many people will give it a chance when they see the Disney characters, thinking it's too kiddish.

Oh, far from it...

And while I'm at it, there's an old ENIX game called E.V.O. that I love that just needs a world...
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 9th May 11
The reason I don't think too many Disney characters should be involved is because not as many people will give it a chance when they see the Disney characters, thinking it's too kiddish.

Then that's their problem for thinking in Animation Age Ghetto terms.

And Disney characters not being too involved will have plenty of "mature" people pissed, since they play the games because Disney is what's heavily advertised.
  • LadyJuse
  • 20th May 11
I love Kingdom Hearts for the story. And though I too make jabs at the subtext; the game's story is the most important part.

As for the whole issue of hate on Disney characters; my favorite character is the games is Goofy.

Though Kingdom Hearts is it's own series; it needs both Final Fantasy and Disney to make it what many fans fell in love with. NOT the sympathetic Organization, not the subtext; but the story about a boy who is The Chosen One; whose adventure stared all because he wanted to find his friends. The story that shows what The Power Of Friendship can do.

That is what Kingdom Hearts is.

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