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Reviews Comments: Obvious Author Avatar but still funny. Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality fanfic review by willyolio

So many reviews on the fanfic page but no actual reviews? For shame!

Harry Potter obviously isn't Harry Potter in this fanfic. He's Eliezer Yudkowsky in an 11-year-old British boy's body. He can quote scientific papers and other things, but despite the major OOC it's still fun. The entire point of this story is an Author Tract, and given how silly wizards and magic already seem to some of us, throwing a hyper-intelligent Rationalist at them makes things even more absurd.

YMMV because he gets preachy at times, but he does make good points a lot of the time with his point of view. Also, the villains aren't stupid.


  • calamondin
  • 19th Aug 14
The funny thing is it seems like some of the stuff he quotes not even Elizer would have read when he was 11? Kind of hypocritical considering the key word in title (the one by which actual science happens) is METHODS and not INFORMATION I'VE ACCUMULATED.
  • Elmo3000
  • 19th Aug 14
'Eliezer Yudkowsky in an 11-year-old British boy's body'.

Sounds like a headline that precedes a rather harsh prison sentence.
  • Ymirsdaughter
  • 6th Dec 14
I thought he was supposed to be Ender Wiggins at eleven, with the knowledge and views of Eliezer at about eighteen. There are prodigies who read all sorts of advanced stuff when they are children, and Potter-Evans-Verres would have access to a lot of scientific books given that his adopted father is a biochemistry professor at Oxford. I think it seems more plausible than having cannon Harry Potter suffer child abuse and remain practically a Buddhist monk about it.

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