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Reviews Comments: Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations Star Trek Online game review by vp21ct

In the Vulcan philosophy, there is a term, IDIC. Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations. It's been joked that this should be Cryptic Studios' slogan and motto.

No where is this more evident than in Star Trek Online. Star Trek Online, or STO, had a rocky begining, and as someone who played in the beta, I can tell you that at the time of launch, it was in a very poor and sorry state. Having only recently returned to it, though, I am more than pleased to say that Cryptic has latched onto something for this game that truly makes it unique amongst MM Os.


STO already has extensive customization in the form of the "Gestalt Avatar" which is made up of your Captain, your B Offs, and your ship, all of which is fully customizable. If you can't find a race you like amongst the iconic races, you can always just make one up. This level of customization dwarfs even the very robust Champions Online, in wich you only have one "Avatar" at a given time.

Further adding to this are the Ship Interiors, which allow you to invite friends over to your ship. This has been used in everything from the obvious Role Play, to even just having parties.

Now, Star Trek Online is comming out with the Foundry, wich allows players to custom make interriors, as well as upload their own mission content, and, eventually, starbases, planets, and ship interiors. Cryptic is setting this game up to be a creators dream, where the only thing limiting it is the limits of the fans and players imaginations.

There are several bugs, however, and many of them have been there since launch. Cryptic is working on these, though, and they actually do their best to keep the community informed about what they're doing and when they're doing it, wich is very refreshing and reassuring.

The game isn't for everyone, it's still a long way from being 'Complete', but it's increadibly fun, and This Troper at the very least recomends that it be given a try.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you like to RP and are also a Sci Fi fan, not nessisarily just a Trekky, then you MUST give this game a try. If you're just into RP, I also recomend it. No other game I have ever played has lent itself to RP more, between a rich history, extensive customization, and the Foundry, it's almost built for RP. The RP community is a little hard to find, but large, active, and friendly.


  • vp21ct
  • 6th Feb 11
ADDITIONAL ADDITONAL NOTE: On the RP thing. The best way to find R Pers is usually to head to Instance #1 of any of the main hubs. That's sort of the De Facto "RP instance" anywhere.
  • 6th Feb 11
There's people who actually RP in these kind of games?
  • vp21ct
  • 7th Feb 11
Yes, especially in this game. Cryptic seems to have realized that a substantial portion of their player base are trekkies who want to be their captains, and has done alot of work to cater to them. There are numerous RP fleets, and even 'Super-Fleets'.
  • Lydia777
  • 15th Jun 11
You've never been to Quark's Bar in DS 9, have you? That place is HUGE with RP.
  • DocWhat
  • 7th Oct 13
City of Heroes had a good RP community, and I think Champions Online also does.

It should be pointed out in terms of character customization both CO and Co H (RIP) beat STO, but STO has them beat in the sheer NUMBER of things you can customize. Your character, your bridge crew, your ship, your ship's interior, your... everything, damn near.

Want an all female bridge crew, dressed like Seven of Nine? You can do that. All male crew in open shirts. Go ahead. All human or bajoran or trill crew? Feel free.

It's also notable that regardless of what kind of Captain you make it doesn't restrict your ability to choose ships. You can be a Science officer, but still command a cruiser or an escort. Hell my main is a Tact Officer with an Odyssey Cruiser.

And the game is still growing...

Lord have mercy.

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