Reviews Comments: This Book Made Me Want to Throw Up

This Book Made Me Want to Throw Up
It was awful. The story, the characters, the plot line. Flavia Bujor cannot write worth a darn.

Let's diagnose her characters, shall we?

Jade: Pretty much the only interesting character in the whole book, has a few sue-ish tendencies but at least her bratty, spitfire personality makes up for most of it

Opal: Good Lord, I hated this girl. Especially her crush on Adrien, she was the main reason I hated this book.

Amber: A stock character, not entirely too bad, but she really should have stayed single.

Moving on the the plot and the story: When I started this book I grazed through almost all of the chapters in which Opal had a major role. I understood most of it Until the end. Like WHAT THE HELL. And, enough to say, I really wanted to punch both Elyador and Adrien. Shallow Love Interest much? Shallow characters in general. The best (and I used this term loosely) was the meeting with Oonagh, she literally stole the scene.

Final Verdict: This is like Twilight, but slightly better (I use that term even more loosely).


Heh, I thought Elyador was way more interesting than the girls. But maybe that's because I read this book back when Dark Is Not Evil was a new and fascinating trope... Well, that and the girls pretty much do stuff because they have to, some prophecy told them to, whereas Elyador actually had a character arc and motivations and all that.

I didn't like Jade, I never really liked jerk characters :X
comment #6280 melloncollie 6th Feb 11
"Flavia Bujor cannot write worth a darn."

Is that really a fair assement to make about a thirteen year old? Most writers that age suck. The only difference is Bujor's sucky phase is now permenetly on display for the world to read. I'm sure she's improved by now, if she hasn't gone off writing completely.
comment #17623 reillymouse 9th Jan 13
Still better than Eragon by a long shot,...and that guy was barely a teenager.
comment #17631 terlwyth 9th Jan 13

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