Reviews Comments: Not perfect, but far from awful

Not perfect, but far from awful
Personally, I don't see why critics gave this movie bad reviews, but then again, I rarely understand critics at all. Nine times out of ten, if a critic calls a movie horrible, me and most of my friends like it. This movie is no different.

Kate and Humphrey are an Alpha Wolf and an Omega Wolf respectively, but they've been friends since pups. However, due to their class, they just can't mate. As Kate is required to mate with a Jock of a tonedeaf wolf from another pack named Garth to unite the packs and prevent a fight. However, the two are taken by humans to repopulate another park, and have until next full moon to return to save the park.

Ok, the first bit of the movie is a bit slow and there are some cheesy moments, but after Kate and Humphrey are taken from the pack, the movie really picks up. Kate and Humphrey really didn't need much character growth outside realizing they care about each other. I liked them, particularally Humphrey. Garth and Lilly, on the other hand, grow a great deal by the end of the film and while I hated Garth at the beginning, he grows out of it and becomes a nice character. I also like Eve, Kate's loving, but mildly psychaotic, mother. All of her lines are pretty funny and I loved her character.

The plot isn't completely originaly, but its good enough that I enjoyed it. Overall, I give the movie an 8/10, I liked it, but it wasn't amazing.


It sucks. It is basically a big Idiot Plot, has poor animation and character design, the comedy consists almost entirely of Toilet Humor and Incredibly Lame Puns, and real drama is nonexistent. There's a reason why literally all professional reviews of the movie consist of "kids are dumb, feed them this crap so they shut up".
comment #6164 MrDuck 29th Jan 11
Well we are so sorry that you are complaining, whining, and bitching about this movie because unlike you there are a lot of people who frequently enjoy it and had no real problems with it. Also you are obviously Completely Missing The Point when the above troper said that it wasn't perfect and didn't have an original storyline but was at least a fair bit amusing to watch. Plus this movie has quite a fandom. If you don't believe me check out Deviant Art or Youtube and you'll see how much people enjoy it. So all in all you are just one of those sorry excuses for a troll. No offense to anyone.
comment #6166 WolfMan16 29th Jan 11 (edited by: WolfMan16)
@Mr Duck

Wow, your (ahem) "reasoning" have totally managed to convince me as to why you thought you could get away with editting the article like you did. Good thing it got deleted quickly enough.
comment #6207 anonymous738 1st Feb 11
After watching the movie again, I actually enjoy the movie more than I did in the first viewing. I also realized Tony was more of an antagonist than I originally believed. I must agree with Wolf Man 16 and say that is what I meant, it's not perfect by any stretch and I'd love to see better animation for it, but saying it sucks (Mr Duck) is not giving it its proper respect, as the movie is really quite enjoyable. I respect the right to one's own opinion, but insulting a movie when someone just said they enjoyed it in a way not respecting their opinion is not a proper thing to do and thus I must say the manner you replied was insulting and I do not respect your opinion as you clearly do not respect mine in any stretch.

As for Wolf Man and anonymous738, thanks for speaking up.
comment #6897 Godzillawolf 18th Mar 11
What? Now, I'm not going to give critical analysis on a movie I haven't seen, but Mr Duck's comment did not disrespect your opinion in any way. Just because he didn't say "I respect your opinion but...", that doesn't mean he was in the wrong. By the look of the situation, you were totally disregarding his opinion because of its negativity and bluntness.

And he didn't imply that you thought the movie was perfect either, you just need to understand that another person can see certain flaws to be more severe than you do.

And Wolf Man 16, saying that it has a large fandom doesn't really mean a whole lot. A huge number of people I know believed Epic Movie to be hilarious, but practically every professional review of it was scathing and negative. That's not to say that it can't mean the film is good, but it doesn't really counter Mr Duck's point.

Also, going by your synposis, this is just Titanic with wolves. Except without the disaster or heartbreak. I need heartbreak.
comment #7851 Heartbreaker 1st Jun 11 (edited by: Heartbreaker)
I see you are defending Mr Duck, but none of what you said explains why he would be adding natter and his personal opinions on the main page. Taking a side glance, there's no actual point in his post, and it does not contribute, nor does it agree with the OP, something you also seem to be doing. The only place where anyone could bitch about a topic (Mr Duck) is either the reviews (here), and the forum, not the main pages.

Disliking something to me is at least respectable and tolerable, but saying it sucks, especially if it's disagreeing with someone else's opinion, is pure trolling.
comment #7951 WolfMan16 5th Jun 11 (edited by: WolfMan16)
I didn't realize he was screwing with the main page, that's certainly unjustified.

But I'd like to point out that it's a comment on a review, and people tend to have very strong opinions about media. When someone posts a subjective review, it's hypocritical to criticize others for voicing their own opinions on the matter, however blunt they may be in doing so. I'm pretty sure the negative viewpoint simply makes his comment seem more vitriolic.

I mean, you're essentially doing the same thing by saying "but saying it sucks is not giving it the proper respect ect", the difference being that you're saying it's a good thing, which is a more popular opinion.
comment #8465 Heartbreaker 6th Jul 11

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