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Reviews Comments: The Best Damn RPG I've ever played Fallout 3 game review by CPF Mfan

OK, I'm going to to make this quick: Fallout 3 rocks. Unlike many other RPG's, everything you do has a realistic consequence. If you kill someone, they stay dead, you get unique dialouge options, and an entire settlement may change. You are free to play the game however you want, either being the paragon of goodness or a Complete Monster (I usually play as something in between, but I'm almost always on the good end of the karma scale). This is Fallout 3's greatest strength, but another thing I like is that many of the quests are morally neutral, and nearly every character in the game can give you one. I have mixed feelings on Fallout 3's combat system though. It tries to combine FPS and turn based combat, and does it really well, but there is one problem: Turn based combat is not exciting. It sometimes kills the tension in otherwise awesome battle scenes. The over reliance on the V.A.T.S system and the fact that most guns can't hit anything beyond 15 feet also greatly limits the skill you can actually use in combat. Regardless, Fallout 3 is an incredibly immersive, varied, and overall awesome experience. It really sucks you in, and I highly recommend it. 9/10.


  • 20th Dec 10
Are you new to video games, or is this just the first western RPG you've ever played?

VATS can't truly be considered turn-based combat, and it's perfectly possible to play through the game without it.

  • CPFMfan
  • 21st Dec 10
Not really. Myabe its just the PS 3 version, but the controls are really sensitive and none of the guns go past 10 feet unless you use V.A.T.S. Turn based combat is probably a bad word for it, but it is still pretty boring. I would've loved it if it was used sparingly, but its basically the entire combat system.
  • 22nd Dec 10
It's probably because of PS 3 controls then. It's a lot easier to play VAT Sless with a mouse.
  • Eisenblume
  • 25th May 11
And I love the VATS system. I find it more exciting than the usual RPG-ware which I find nice, though not what I want every game to be. I suppose it goes to what you are comparing it too.

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