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If it smells like an Ed. (part 1 and 2, if you go that way.)
This episode may be one of the lowest points on the series, what with it being a complete mess. It starts out with the kids having singing some song about friends. Um... what? Yeah... I hated the song, but it gets worse: Eddy gives Jimmy a wedgie, and all of the kids, even Edd and Nazz, laugh at him. This is probably the first moment to land the writers in hot water; as this is out of character for Edd or Nazz (laugh at your friend's misery? Wow Nazz, thatís low). Next, we have the three Eds being framed by someone; lets call the framer "X", to make this shorter (yes, I know it will still count as a word). X tries to frame Ed by stealing a paintbrush, but does X put it in Ed's pocket? Put paint on him? No, X takes it. That's it. Now, another bad moment for the writers; the kids had no proof of this, so um... then the Eds get what looks like X's foot print, then they try to figure out who did it. After a series of events, the Eds follow a trial of jujubes leading to who did it all... it was Rolf! No, wait, it was the Kanker sisters! Or... was it? Anyways, the Eds are caught again, and then the plot starts to make no sense what so ever. IT WAS REALLY JIMMY! Then, it turns out that he did this to the Eds...because...Eddy gave him a wedgie...Who ever wrote this, (no, I'm not one of the people who think the creator did everything) There are many way to do Beware The Nice Ones, you picked the one of the worst possible ones. When you see that Jimmy tied up Johnny, stuck a hockey stick into a project that could have took days-maybe weeks to make, got himself tortured by the Kankers to get them to give the Eds unwanted kissing, etc. just for a freaking wedgie, it comes clear that Jimmy is insane. At least in this episode. Oh, and why all three Eds? Eddy was the only one that did the act, and every one else laughed at him. Was it because the Eds where friends? Jimmy, You Fail Logic For Ever.
I honestly loved that episode. I always loved watching it.
comment #806 14th Aug 09
It's not so much the motivation or Jimmy's apparent insanity (this is a kids's show), it's just the implausible timeline of events and how it relies on contrived coincidences that bug me.
comment #810 Mr. Lostman 14th Aug 09
Completely agree with you man.
comment #1256 reegv 10th Nov 09
The reason I think all 3 edds got punished is because the kids just sort of lump the 3 together, it's hard for them to imagine one without the other. Doesn't make any less frustrating to see it happen though.
comment #2970 DrStarky 21st Jun 10
Jimmy's actions came out of nowhere but at the time it was a suspenseful and funny episode actually one of my favorites.
comment #2971 zam 21st Jun 10
The scene where Ed eats a log automatically nullifies any downsides to the episode.
comment #6709 Anomalocaris20 5th Mar 11
Ed's log was X.
comment #6710 Scardoll 5th Mar 11
I loved the frienship song. It was sweet that they were celebrating something people do take for granted. And while I like the whole episode, I agree that Jimmy shouldn't have tortured all three. That crossed the line. However, it was nice to see that Jimmy's not a total wimp.
comment #7781 FairyDreamer 26th May 11
Applying logic to Ed, Edd, n Eddy? lol
comment #11578 SomeDeadGuy 27th Nov 11
I don't mind this episode, actually. Jimmy's actions may be semi-justified since Eddy usually picks on Jimmy and this may be Jimmy snapping than him holding any malice towards the Eds (although it's clear Jimmy shouldn't have framed Ed and Edd)
comment #17180 MsCC93 10th Dec 12
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