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Reviews Comments: Only one of the best shows ever Doug whole series review by Jetcat 96

Doug's always been one of my fave Nicktoons (second only to Ka Blam!), and my personal childhood favorite.

I was born after the Nickelodeon series ended (born the same year as the Disney series), but the Nick series was the first one I saw. I was a very young child, and I watched it every day. I loved Doug...literally!

Why literally? Because uh...I um, had a HUGE crush on him when I was little. Probably the first fan crush I ever had. Now I don't have the fangirlishness anymore, but he's still pretty cute (in a dorky sort of way).

I loved it so much I could almost feel like I knew the characters in person. Doug was my childhood hero and role model. I think last year I accidentally dressed as him for school (heh heh). I loved the music and yes, I have it on my iPod. I was BAWLING when it was taken off Nicktoons.

When I first saw the Disney version, I was all, "What happened?" I was a little disappointed by the changes, but it was still okay. The thing I never got used to though was Doug's new voice (Billy West, the voice of Doug and Roger refused to be in the Disney version). Doug's new voice sounded like he was trying too hard to sound like the old one (which was more high-pitched and "cute"). As for Roger, I couldn't tell much of a difference. I absolutely LOVED the movie.

I also love everything else Jumbo Pictures (Doug's company) did. PB And J Otter, Allegra's Window, and 101 Dalmatians: The Series. (while the first two are preschool shows, I loved them as a child, and two words: Guilty Pleasure.

Doug is a great show because it has great lessons for the viewers which AREN'T made annoying, and there are some very heartwarming moments throughout the show. I felt a lot like Doug when I was in middle school. Shy, awakward, clumsy, still kinda am. If I have a bad day, I always put my Doug DV Ds on (I download the episodes off the internet and burn them to discs). Still makes me shed a tear of nostalgia.

Overall, I think Doug is one of the best animated shows ever, and I wish it never got cancelled.


  • 12th Nov 11
I'm glad the show made another shy, awkward person happy. =) Doug was funny and easy to relate to, so it was a favorite Nicktoon of mine growing up.
  • CrabMANN
  • 12th Nov 11
I grew up with this show as well. :o I couldn't relate to it as you did though, but I understand where you're going at!

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